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User Info: jonnymar

8 years ago#1
As this information has been continually rejected for posting as an official FAQ, I decided to reformat the information and post it for future reference. There are some *minor spoilers* in the story walkthrough section. Enjoy!

TNA Impact for Playstation 2 FAQ/Hints

Table of Contents:
I) Control Questions
II) Roster Summary
III) Rings & Game Modes
IV) Story Mode Summary
V) General Hints

I) Control Questions:

A) How do I execute a finisher?
- Press triangle + L1 to grapple, then O (with full Impact meter).

B) How do I pin my opponent?
- Press O + Up/Down (with opponent on ground).

C) How do I recover from stun or kick out of a pin attempt?
- Move the left analog stick back and forth from left to right rapidly.

D) What are the submission controls?
- Press O + L1 out of a lock-up or near a grounded opponent's head, side, or legs to start a submission hold. Complete the three button sequence shown below your health meter to inflict damage. Continue to enter the button combinations for additional damage. Executing a submission hold on a body part that is in red zone of health will result in a submission victory if the button sequence is completed successfully.

E) How do I do Kurt Angle's Anklelock or Sting's Scorpion Deathlock?
- The game does NOT include many signature submission moves. All finishers are from a standing position and do not count as submission moves.

F) How do I claim the X in an Ultimate X match?
- Press O while on the cables near the middle of the Ultimate X to begin the capture mini-game. Press X each time the little X on the meter crosses the center of the X gauge. A filled X gauge will result in your wrestler obtaining the X and winning the match.

II) Roster Summary:

G) What wrestlers are included in the game?
- Note that wrestlers are separated into three types = High Flyer, Grappler, and Brawler. Each type results in different grapple moves during a match. In addition, some moves (such as the Rope Spring Attack) can only be executed by High Flyers. All locked wrestlers are unlockable by playing story mode.

1) AJ Styles (High Flyer)
Finisher: The Styles Clash

2) Samoa Joe (Grappler)
Finisher: Muscle Buster

3) Kurt Angle (Grappler)
Finisher: Angle Slam

4) Sting (Grappler)
Finisher: Scorpion Death Drop

5) Christian Cage (Grappler)
Finisher: The Unprettier

6) Booker T (Brawler)
Finisher: Book End

7) Hernandez (Brawler)
Finisher: The Border Toss

8) Homicide (High Flyer)
Finisher: The Gringo Killer

9) Rhino (Brawler)
Finisher: The Gore

10) Shark Boy (High Flyer)
Finisher: Hangman's Neckbreaker

11) Robert Roode (Grappler)
Finisher: The Payoff

12) Scott Steiner (Brawler)
Finisher: The Steiner Recliner

13) Alex Shelley (High Flyer)
Finisher: The Shell Shock

14) Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels (High Flyer)
Finisher: The Angel's Wings

15) James Storm (Brawler)
Finisher: 8 Second Ride

16) Chris Sabin (High Flyer)
Finisher: The Cradle Shock

17) Brother Devon (Grappler)
Finisher: Reverse DDT

18) Brother Ray (Brawler; locked)
Finisher: Sitout Powerbomb

19) Kevin Nash (Brawler; locked)
Finisher: Jackknife Powerbomb

20) Jay Lethal (High Flyer; locked)
Finisher: Dragon Suplex

21) Tomko (Grappler; locked)
Finisher: Military Slam

22) Sonjay Dutt (High Flyer; locked)
Finisher: Sonjay Cutter

More to come...
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User Info: jonnymar

8 years ago#2
23) Eric Young (Grappler; locked)
Finisher: Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker

24) Jeff Jarrett (Brawler; locked)
Finisher: The Stroke

25) Abyss (Brawler; locked)
Finisher: The Black Hole Slam

26) Senshi (High Flyer; locked)
Finisher: Ki Krusher

27) AJ Styles X (High Flyer; locked)
Finisher: The Styles Clash

28) Chris Sabin X (Brawler; locked)
Finisher: The Cradle Shock

29) Suicide (Grappler; locked)
Finisher: D.O.A.

30) Suicide X (Grappler; locked)
Finisher: D.O.A.

- Note: The rest of the roster is fictional characters created for the game. They all use the Cradle Shock finishing move.

31) Benny (Brawler; locked)

32) Lenny (Grappler; locked)

33) Bruiser Bencia (High Flyer; locked)

34) Dark Hado (High Flyer; locked)

35) Suplex Salleza (High Flyer; locked)

36) Barberino (Grappler; locked)

37) Demonic DJ (Grappler; locked)

38) SGT Hardin (Grappler; locked)

39) Furious Frye (High Flyer; locked)

40) CPL Wilczynski (Grappler; locked)

41) Thunder Lang (Brawler; locked)

42) Giant Guppy (Grappler; locked)

43) Hannah Layla (High Flyer; locked)

44) Shogun Yanai (Brawler; locked)

45) Devil Child (Brawler; locked)

H) What's the difference between AJ Styles/Chris Sabin/Suicide and the X versions?
- The only difference seems to be their attire and that Chris Sabin X is a brawler as opposed to a high flyer type.

I) How do I unlock Don West, Petey Williams, etc?
- The only unlockable characters are those listed in the roster section. To my knowledge there is no Don West or other characters in the Playstation 2 version of this game.

J) Where's the create-a-wrestler mode?
- There is no create-a-wrestler mode in the Playstation 2 version of Impact. Players are limited to the game modes listed in this FAQ.

III) Rings & Game Modes:

K) What rings and game modes/match types are included in the game?
- The following ring locations are included (note that locked rings become available by playing story mode): Orlando, Armory (locked), Freedom Center (locked), Japan (locked), Mexico (locked), England (locked), Vegas (locked).

- The game includes the following match types:
1) Standard Match (1 on 1; Pinfall/Submission)
2) Tag Match (2 on 2; Pinfall/Submission)
3) Free For All (1 on 1 on 1; Pinfall/Submission)
4) Ultimate X (1 on 1; Claim X)
5) Ultimate X Free For All (1 on 1 on 1; Claim X)
6) Submission (1 on 1; Submission)
7) Falls Count Anywhere (1 on 1; Pinfall/Submission)
8) Falls Count Anywhere Tag (2 on 2; Pinfall/Submission)
9) Handicap (1 on 2; Pinfall/Submission)

More to come...
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User Info: jonnymar

8 years ago#3
IV) Story Mode Summary *minor spoilers*:
- This summary contains each match in story mode, listing the opponents and rewards unlocked upon successful completion of each match.

i) Mexico - Gauntlet
1) Bruiser Bencia (Unlocked)
- Dark Hado (Unlocked)
- Suplex Salleza (Unlocked)
- Mexico Ring (Unlocked)

ii) Military Base - Singles Matches
2) Barberino
3) Benny (Unlocked)
4) Lenny (Unlocked)
5) James Storm
- Armory Ring (Unlocked)

iii) Impact Tryout - Gauntlet
6) Demonic DJ (Unlocked)
- SGT Hardin (Unlocked)
- Jay Lethal (Unlocked)

iv) Impact - Singles Match
7) Robert Roode

v) Impact - Tag Matches
8) Furious Frye (Unlocked)
- CPL Wilczynski (Unlocked)
9) Thunder Lang (Unlocked)
- Giant Guppy (Unlocked)
10)Brother Ray (Unlocked)
- Brother Devon
11)Hannah Layla (Unlocked)
- Shogun Yanai (Unlocked)
12)Devil Child (Unlocked)
- Barberino (Unlocked)
13)AJ Styles
- Tomko (Unlocked)

vi) Japan - Tag Matches
14)Demonic DJ
- Furious Frye
15)SGT Hardin
- Shogun Yanai
16)Alex Shelley
- Chris Sabin
- Japan Ring (Unlocked)

vii) Impact - Tag Title Match
- Hernandez
- Eric Young (Unlocked)

viii) Impact - Singles Matches
18)CPL Wilczynski
19)Giant Guppy
20)Sonjay Dutt (Unlocked)

ix) Japan - Singles Matches
21)Devil Child
22)Bruiser Bencia
23)Chris Sabin
- Chris Sabin X (Unlocked)
24)AJ Styles
- AJ Styles X (Unlocked)

x) Impact - Ultimate X Matches
25)Dark Hado
26)Thunder Lang
27)CPL Wilczynski

xi) Freedom Center - X Title Match, Ultimate X Free For All
28)Samoa Joe
- Fallen Angel
- Freedom Center (Unlocked)
- Senshi (Unlocked)

xii) Impact - Singles Matches
30)Booker T
32)Abyss (Unlocked)
33)Christian Cage
34)Kevin Nash (Unlocked)

xiii) Freedom Center - Singles Match
35)Samoa Joe

xiv) Las Vegas - TNA World Title, Singles Match
36)Kurt Angle
- Vegas Ring (Unlocked)

xv) Impact - TNA World Title, Singles Match
37)Jeff Jarrett
- Suicide (Unlocked)
- Suicide X (Unlocked)
- Jeff Jarrett (Unlocked)
- England Ring (Unlocked)

More to come...
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User Info: jonnymar

8 years ago#4
V) General Hints:

L) Utilize frequent tags during a tag match.
- Tagging will result in a brief health recovery for the inactive partner. This recovery will end after a few moments, so you need to tag again to regain more health.

M) Execute a running dropkick if your opponent has grabbed a chair or is near the ropes.
- The running dropkick is not blockable if your opponent has a chair. This will quickly disarm your opponent and allow you to pick up the chair for your own use. If your opponent is right next to the ropes you might kick them to the outside with a running dropkick. This can be especially helpful in Ultimate X matches, giving you more time to climb onto the cables.

N) Attack your opponent on the cables in Ultimate X, instead of pulling them down.
- Kicking your opponent repeatedly from the cables will result in them crashing to the ground, giving you extra time to complete the X mini-game. Pulling your opponent down from the ground still forces you to climb onto the cables, which gives your opponent time to pull you off.

O) Compete in exhibition matches against the computer to learn timing for countering moves.
- An R1 button will briefly appear and flash below your health meter at the moment a move or attack can be countered. Learn the timing to counter moves, or you'll find yourself manhandled by opponents later in story mode.

P) Feel free to utilize the "Stun Glitch" for a cheap victory during story mode.
- The heavyweight matches of story mode can be very frustrating because your opponents will counter almost all your moves and do ridiculous damage with only a few hits. If you find yourself completely overwhelmed, you can always utilize the "Stun Glitch". Just press square to punch your opponent over and over until his stun meter fills. If your opponent blocks your punches, hesitate for a second and then begin punching again. After your opponent is stunned, execute a
chokeslam (triangle + up) and pin your opponent when only a small sliver of stun remains on the stun meter. Your opponent's recovery from stun will actually halt their pin kick-out meter, giving you a quick victory.

Q) What are style points and how do I use them?
- Style points are points awarded to a wrestler for completing moves during a match. Although these points allow players to unlock characters in other versions of this game, style points in the Playstation 2 version CANNOT be collected and are NOT used to unlock any of the game's characters or arenas.

Thanks To:
Just because you're paranoid, that doesn't mean they're not out to get you...
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