Demigod v1.3 is in testing...

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User Info: HaxorUrBoxor

7 years ago#1
Remember me?
Probably not, but I'm still bringing the news to this board :3

Here is what v1.3 will include:

Demigod v1.30 (1.30.154 on Impulse)
- Abilities while moving fix: Demigod movement has been re-architected to resume attacking previous targets after using abilities. This fixes multiple problems with triggering Demigod abilities while moving.The following exceptions and modifications are by design:
- Direct targeted abilities, where it makes sense, will cause the Demigod to switch targets (like Warp Strike and Pounce). This will also set the old target variable so if they use a further ability they will go back to attacking their new target.
- Escape abilities (like Warp Scroll and Bat Swarm) will not re-engage the old target and will actually clear the old target so using another ability will not cause you to re-engage.
- Giving a move order will clear your old target. So, giving a move order and then casting Warp Area will cause DA to attack whatever he ends up closest to.
- Fix for ranged units stopping short when ordered to attack structures.
- Fix for summoned minions not starting at max health when the player has +minion health items.
- Fix for Oculus' Ball Lightning spawning in invalid locations.
- Unclean Beast's Plague ability will no longer overwrite Post Mortem.
- Wings of the Seraphim will no longer be removed when healed.
- Heart of Life effects will no longer be removed when healed.
- Fix for obscure Russian-translated map domination crash. Thank you, Ptarth, for helping to point the way on that.


- Achievement and Single Player tournament screen Demigod lists now have scrollbars.
- Oculus’ Ball Lightning will now benefit from standard minion HitPoint Buffs.

Haxor, out.
-Not changing sign until God Hand 2 is confirmed...
-Newspaper Zombie was *THIS* close to finishing his sudoku puzzle. No wonder he's freaking out.

User Info: Lahusair

7 years ago#2
Glad thay dont forget about this game.

User Info: kieranb2000

7 years ago#3
It's nice of them to patch the game for the 10 people who still play it online.

User Info: the_hunger

7 years ago#4
kieranb2000 posted...
It's nice of them to patch the game for the 10 people who still play it online.

Lol!!! That's not far from the truth. I recently gave up on multiplayer. Playing the same 20-30 people on Cataract just gets really old. Anyhow, Demigod was fun while it lasted. R.I.P.
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