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User Info: SamuraiChef

9 years ago#1
Okay, I thought taking the francise from The Sims line to 'Stories', was a well thought out plan, but an arcade - pinball -, even the AOL/Yahoo mini game was somewhat a distraction (The sims Pinball) and a pretty good one but we're in the now. How many Sims fans are going to be willing to leave Societies and the awaited 8th expansion for The Sims 2 ?

I may be wrong but we all can hope this cheapie will be something to tie us over, this and SnapCity, which sounds more like a game of sorts as far as interaction.

Not like I am bored with SimCity 4, Societies, Castaway and Bon Voyage, oh and My Sims the add-ons and plethora of downloads/mods..

Where is The Sims 3 already?!..must we wait, tick-tock(taps foot, checks watch)..Well it's been 24 hours ya know!

Opinions welcome, some facts and predictions.

User Info: someguyshand

9 years ago#2
Ok, so what is this one exactly?
(Insert Name) killed Some Guy

User Info: zombiecurt

9 years ago#3
The screens on the back make the game look a little like Peggle from PopCap games.

Has anyone played this game yet?

User Info: Hiryuu_

9 years ago#4
I like brownies.

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