Well I can't believe they didn't rename Karous to Crow or Crows.

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  3. Well I can't believe they didn't rename Karous to Crow or Crows.

User Info: MathU

9 years ago#1
This leaves concern that they even translated the in-game text for Radio Allergy and Karous. O3 already had a translation for Radio Allergy, and it looks like they went with O3's logo for it too, but they left "Karous" alone.
Of course, that's just an opinion.
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User Info: m3tall1ca

9 years ago#2
Hmm...That shouldn't be much concern for us, but...It's already going to be a hobbling hobo over here, so I hope they did as little as possible to leave it open to such attack. I think I'm going to buy it just so I can play it on my friend's Wii, unless I can pawn my 8300 that I have no PCI-E slot for for enough to support me to a Wii. But even then, I'm not going to play anything besides this...Maybe FE, but that's doubtful as well.
As soon as I previewed that, I remembered SOLDIER BLADE. I think I'll be getting a Wii by the end of the year, probably. Soldier Blade. Mmmm.
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User Info: gatsu25

9 years ago#3
Not to mention Sin and Punishment 2 is coming out :)

Really this next year and a half makes me one excited Wii owner!! There are finally quite a few games on my list :D

User Info: gatsu25

9 years ago#4
Oh and for the name change

they were probably perplexed at the katakana and word for crows in Japanese is ka ro u su so they left it alone :)

User Info: jeffx

9 years ago#5
it's actually karasu but close enough.

In fact I have no idea why people started calling this game Karous... the cover clearly reads KA RA SU.

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User Info: gatsu25

9 years ago#6
If you look right above the Katakana they romanize it as Karous. Perhaps Mile-Stone thought that is how we said Crows over here. Katakana is not perfect by any means, its especially hard to translate if you don't know English very well.

I imagine this is why we see so many L's and R's switched around.

That reminds me, On a teachers assignment I have here in Japan, it says for the kids to begin crapping. I thought I better not do that so I will just tell them to clap instead.
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  3. Well I can't believe they didn't rename Karous to Crow or Crows.

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