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User Info: Illidanstorm18

8 years ago#1
So i finally was able to scrounge up enough money to get this game, took me about a week or so when i decided i wanted it. Today i call in to gamestop and ask, do you have this game avaiable, and the guy on the other end replies, "It's showing up sold out on my computer." So im all sadface since i really wanted it today, so at the very least, i just wanted to turn in one of my old DS games for store credit. I get there, and i step up to the counter and ask, "Is there anyway i could put money down for the game today so i can get it when it comes in?"

But the guy replies "I'm sorry, you cannot because its no longer listed as pre-orderable." So i give him my old DS game for store credit, and after the exchange he goes, "Let me get the people behind you, and ill see if we have any copies of the game in the back of the store."

So after about 10 minutes or so, he checks his computer and he says, "well we do have a copy in the back, and its the only's also not pre-ordered so let me get it for you."

My previous sadface was turned completely one-eighty degrees and it was a happy face. So i bought it, and now im in possession of my very own copy :D

Now what was the point of this whole story you ask? well its simple, In my honest opinion, gamestop is the only store that sells game that will do things and help out the customer. If i was at the Walmart not but a few feet across the street, they would have been like, "Sorry no copies of the game, seeyalaterbye!" XP

Well anyway, that's my story, if you guys want to ask me some questions about the game i will answer them, im not too far into the game, but all i can tell you is ITS AMAZING!
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User Info: CrossRaven

8 years ago#2
I would say it's that employee that was good and the store sucking considering they said it was sold out to begin with.
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User Info: Illidanstorm18

8 years ago#3
Yeah you're probably right, or it might be like a location thing since ive heard some Gamestops's arent as nice as mine XP but whatever it was, im glad i was lucky enough to get it today.
GT: Kratos18
92% of teenagers have turned to rap. If you're one of the 8% that still listens to real music put this in your sig.

User Info: Lokias

8 years ago#4
lucky you .

going to a gamestop with a good employee .
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User Info: mio-meshi

8 years ago#5
I see what your saying, but I would think any medium-sized retailer would have similar customer support. I personally love buying games at HMV. The last time I went there the guy working spent about 10 minutes looking everywhere for a copy of Henry Hatsworth for me. In the end he found it, and we also has an interesting discussion about DS games (he really knew his stuff). Best of all, the game was sealed and I wasn't asked to trade something in or preorder something at the counter.
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User Info: reviewman

8 years ago#6
Just reading from your post, it seams that your gamestop sucks, and the employee wasn't very good either.
1. He lied to you on the phone and said he didn't have the game.
2. He won't hold the game for you when he gets it in.
3. He blows you off to help others, even though all you wanted to do was trade your game for store credit.
4. He took ten minutes to help other people, and all he had to do was check his computer, AGAIN, to find out he really did have one.

Imo, he really didn't want to help you out, and seemed really lazy and rude. I'm glad you got your copy in the end, but your store sounds like it sucks.
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User Info: tabion20

8 years ago#7
Indeed, seems like a really bad gamestop. I'd never return there ever again and just hit walmart for my gaming needs. It isn't right to support such bad parctices.

User Info: tendo_san

8 years ago#8
It's not fair to have so much hate for Game Stop in general when you get a bad experience there because each store hires different people with different personalities. It's up to the manager of that particular store to hire good, friendly, reliable employees. I am an sga at my store. We always make sure to keep customer service our top priority. Now granted some we don't entirely agree with some of the company's recent actions, but as a whole it's not so bad. Besides, you can't get games like this at walmart as they never carry Atlus titles. I never even saw Persona 3 fes or
Persona 4 there, and those would be the only likely Atlus games Walmart would even consider stocking. I don't even think Best Buy carries niche titles like this (Though I'm not 100% sure on this). So besides shopping online Game Stop is the only other alternative for these titles for me. I heard this place, I think they said it's called Future Shop carries stuff like this, but I don't have one of those in my area, I'm in Jersey, never seen one of those stores.
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User Info: Illidanstorm18

8 years ago#9
Well from what i could understand, he didnt lie to me, he only looked on his computer and not actually checked the packages. And he didnt blow me off when i just wanted to turn in the game, i already turned in the game when it happened, but he said after he helped the other people, he would check if they got any new packages on the computer that had any copies.

In my opinion, what happened was in all terms of the phrase, a complete misunderstanding, he misunderstood what the computer meant because it was only telling him they hadnt checked in the game yet as on the shelf to be purchased, and i misunderstood gamstop's policy since the game was already released i couldnt put money down for it and come back to pick it up later. Maybe im just less of a vindictive person, or maybe i just like gamestop, since i never had any other problems in the past, but this instance makes me want to come back again.
GT: Kratos18
92% of teenagers have turned to rap. If you're one of the 8% that still listens to real music put this in your sig.

User Info: tendo_san

8 years ago#10
You are probably right TC. I imagine he probably isn't very familiar with thisgame as it is a niche title, so he assumed it was already released and that it would just show up in his computer, but if the box is not checked in, and it is a new release it makes sense as the computer will not say that we have it until that box is finalized. At any rate, if this happens again, especially for a niche title if the guy just flat out says it's not showing in the computer, make sure you tell him it is a new release and make sure that he is sure it is not in an unfinalized box. Some managers really just don't know these types of games.
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