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User Info: icepeda

7 years ago#1

I want to know whats going on with this game. Is it still in the works? Will we ever get a highlander game? I have waited a long time for a highlander game and all us fans get nothing but a tease. The dates keep moving with the months. I haven't even heard a whisper about this game. Someone should take the rains. I have so many ideas for this game, if I had the ability i would make it.

User Info: darkboa

7 years ago#2
Well, so far the March 2010 date has been stable the longest. But we'll see when the time actually comes.
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User Info: dvdjedi

7 years ago#3
According to the official Highlander Facebook page, the game will be coming out in late 2010.
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User Info: CaseyDraven

7 years ago#4
The time of the gathering...
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User Info: 666_Laventine

7 years ago#5

I know this isn't gonna mean much, but I did see a display box for it when I bought Bayonetta and Darksiders today

User Info: CaseyDraven

7 years ago#6
There is hope afterall. Thank you 666.
"I am the way." - Pinhead

User Info: jennafaith1

7 years ago#7
I had read that this game had been scrapped completely and was going to be rebuilt using some of the concepts and materials already completed) to coincide with the release of the new movie. This was during the Squarenix takeover last year.

The voice actor(Methos) even said in June 2009, that although he is on board for the game, He had not recorde a single line as of that time.

Sorry to burst your bubble, I want this game too. However, I think Squarenix is going to produce a quality game.

SOURCE: was Game Informer and the Highlander board on the officialsite.
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User Info: shatterstar

7 years ago#8
I think this game will be another Eidos rush job like Shellshock 2 and Kane and Lynch. Those games had troublesome development cycles and Eidos would always rush them out unpolished.

User Info: Victor_Kruger

7 years ago#9
Oh man what a let down :( Now we will never get a Game based on the old series.
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