Who thinks this game is ever going to see the light and day?

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  3. Who thinks this game is ever going to see the light and day?

User Info: mordekai18

7 years ago#1

I hope so, I like the highlander series and a game would be dope!

User Info: WyldStallyns

7 years ago#2
I hope collin and duncan have cameos

User Info: sklairis

7 years ago#3

It would be pretty awesome if it eventually did release, although I highly doubt it would be any good. But to answer your question... no. Not a chance. With Gamespot's last update on this game being from Jan. 08, I'm taking the assumption that it was quietly canceled when Eidos was gobbled up by Square.

User Info: CaseyDraven

7 years ago#4
I'm a big enough fan of Highlander to boycott Square for life if they indeed decided to scrap it.
"I am the way." - Pinhead

User Info: Hailfire704

7 years ago#5

I love Highlander but, unfortunately, I think it's been scrapped. I'd really like to see another developer pick it up though, it definitely has potential.

User Info: akuma634

7 years ago#6
I can only hope. Duke Nukem Forever managed to get bought out and closer to being finished. Aliens: Colonial Marines is supposedly still coming along. Hopefully Highlander can go gold and get some press in the next year or two.

User Info: Darth_Quanstars

7 years ago#7

idk the last news on this game comes from 2008 but i would love to play this game. i grew up watching highlander and i think it would be awesome if this game was good.

User Info: jpmuddin

7 years ago#8

Supposedly there is a reboot of Highlander the movie in the works, although like this game it may never happen. It is an interesting premise for a game though...although games based on movies/TV shows/comic books rarely turn heads.

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  3. Who thinks this game is ever going to see the light and day?

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