I think I've figured out the plot to Audiosurf.

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User Info: Lutinou

9 years ago#1
If this isn't right, it should be.

You are an intergalactic pizza delivery boy. You were caught sleeping on the job and wake up to find out that your boss assigned you a delivery 30 - X minutes ago, and you must comply with the 30-minutes-or-less policy or you'll be fired (X being the length of whatever song you're playing). The only way you can possibly get there on time is to take the old abandoned Audiosurf hyperspace highway (hyperspaceway?). However, you don't have enough breathable air in your ship to make the trip, and this old abandoned highway is riddled mostly with toxic gases that would be deadly to breathe. As a poor delivery boy, you don't have the cash or the time to simply restock your air supply before leaving, but you may be in luck! There are pockets of breathable air along the highway that you might take in, but to all people they have been indistinguishable to the toxic gas.

Only you may survive this trip, because you have a kickass ship and the prophetic tune that will guide you through the highway. With this tune blasting through the stereo of your amazing ship, you can see the true path to take through the toxic gases. You can see the gas pockets that can actually be taken in and used by your ship to ensure your survival.

For the purposes of non-mono ships, every gas on the track is actually breathable, but it must be refined by your ship before you can use it. To carelessly take in every pocket of gas that you encounter would cause it to seep in with your pure air and then kill you during the trip. Gaining a larger supply of breathable air nets you a higher score, because that's less money that you have to spend on your ship's air reserve in the future.

Simple, but I think it well enough fits in with Audiosurf's gameplay to be a viable plot, don't you?
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User Info: trunkmunkey

9 years ago#2
dude that's awesome

User Info: link1250

9 years ago#3
dude that's awesome
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User Info: videogamegeek91

9 years ago#4
Dude, thats awesome. x3
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User Info: Lutinou

9 years ago#5
Slight revision: I just realized you can go through a whole track and hit nothing, and still technically do an ok job. So it instead has to go that your ship has enough breathable air to make the trip, but not enough to return, so you gotta get some for your return trip.

The Audiosurf highway is one-way, and you can't just pick up breathable air in the ordinary outer space paths.

...So, yeah.
There may be times when you laugh and walk away from food, and times when you watch someone else eating and cry. -- Brawl's Food trophy

User Info: aclichedboy

9 years ago#6
dude that's awesome

But seriously lay off the weed a bit.
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User Info: morrowind3crazy

9 years ago#7
dude that's awesome

but lay off the weed a bit

User Info: Ginse

9 years ago#8
Maybe the colored blocks + points you earn during the song determines the size of the tip you get after delivering the pizza :P
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User Info: MagpiesRule2006

9 years ago#9

How the hell did you think of that?
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User Info: ratix0

9 years ago#10
Get off my internet.
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