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User Info: NicoB9

8 years ago#1
i just got this site in my mail:

im not play BFH.
the first code still works (Rippin' Rocket Pants & Boots)


User Info: Bucz1221

8 years ago#2
Ah ,consumed ,but thanks for information. I'm don't know that people could be so kind and give someone redeem code ,maybe ill find my kind person :) . Thanks everyone who sent my a Redeem code to my e-mail . Im all-time waiting on this page and refreshing it.

User Info: waterbwaloon

8 years ago#3
Have been refreshing that page for ages, waiting for the Pacific Ace Hat Code...
Decided to leave the computer for like 5 minutes while I get myself a drink, a snack and go to the loo...
I come back and not only is that code gone, but another one has come up aswell and is gone too...
My life = Miserable...
Obama gave the Queen an ipod but not me... Favouritism!!!
Soul Silver FTW!

User Info: Tomatoes95

8 years ago#4
I don't trust these "Free Codes" sites. -_-
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