Looks like a lame atempt

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User Info: jonaadams

8 years ago#1
If this is how game developers are trying to bring more women into games, I don't think this is it. Perhaps something more in the lines of WOW with lipstick and cute boys might work. This just appears to be a rip off of the Sims but not as good.

User Info: Neo_Sarevok

8 years ago#2

Actually, I think it looks more like "Evil Genius" =D.

Anyways, I think it's a solid attempt at bringing women into gaming. I'm not a woman, but I can vouch for sales studies and general communities (since I'm a huge Sims fan). The Sims series has been successful with the female fanbase and many woman (not all, but many) enjoy fashion, so it seems to be a good formula.

Still though, yea since it does look like the Sims, I have to wonder if smart female shoppers will bother with it, since they probably already have the Sims by now anyways. Maybe if they consider it as a fashion standalone Sims game they'll give it a shot.

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  3. Looks like a lame atempt

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