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User Info: panknight94

9 years ago#1
Anyone made one yet?

I could really use one. I'm trying to get what is good or not to make parts with. I keep trying to parts and getting Slow, Inefficent, Weak, and so forth.....any helpo nthis would be helpful

User Info: Crlaozwyn

9 years ago#2
If they have, I haven't found it yet. I've started a list, but it's very incomplete and only goes up to mechanical. I really hope someone's made more progress than I have!

User Info: templarknight66

9 years ago#3
i hope u now how long that will take. with a 100 items and a 100000 combinations it will take forever

User Info: Crlaozwyn

9 years ago#4
You don't have to make all combinations though... Most of them are either negative or neutral - all you really need to list are the positive combos, and there are significantly less of those.

User Info: ErsatzRealizm

9 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Crlaozwyn

9 years ago#6
Ersatz, would you be willing to upload that? I know you said it's incomplete, but it'd still be the ONLY information available online about it! Personally I'd much rather have a FAQ that's version .8 than none at all, and the info you've already collected would be very helpful. Hope you consider it... Thanks,


User Info: ErsatzRealizm

9 years ago#7
it's uploaded but it has margin errors i'll have to adjust the chart to be virtical rather than horizontal... it's going to take a bit but i'll try again later today.

User Info: Crlaozwyn

9 years ago#8
Cool, where's it uploaded (or do you know when we'll have access)? Dying to stop experimenting for hours just to get a decent part.

User Info: ErsatzRealizm

9 years ago#9
Mechanical Torsos

Floodlight+Gears=Truck Rig, Semi-Truck Rig, Dump Truck Rig, Big Rig [Super Charged]
Metal Platter+Nuts&Bolts=Kiln Rig, Boiler Rig, Furnace Rig, Smelter Rig [Slippery]
Turbine Metals+Batteries=Wind Turbine, Water Turbine, Steam Turbine, Gas Turbine [Quick]
Rotary Engine+Gears=Model A Chassis, Model C Chassis, Model F Chassis, Model T Chassis [Regenerator]
Jumper Cables+Conductors=Fission Core, Fusion Core, Volcanic Core, Atomic Core [Tough]
Gas Can+Nuts & Bolts=Crawler Body, Loader Body, Digger Body, Bulldozer Body [Tough]
Ancient Claw+Batteries=Spinosaur Body, Stegosaur Body, Pterosaur Body, Tyrannosaur Body [Quick]
Clown Shoes+Conductors=Rousty Torso, Carny Torso, Clown Torso, Jester Torso [Slippery]
Caustic Juice+Metals=Dipole Core, Magnetic Core, Ferromag Core, Electromag Core[Regenerator]
Thick Pipe+Batteries=V-6 Hotrod, V-8 Hotrod, V-10 Hotrod, V-12 Hotrod [Super Charged]

I'll post more pretty soon

User Info: ErsatzRealizm

9 years ago#10
Mechanical Arms

Thick Pipe+Batteries=Cannon Mark I, II, III, IV [Super Charged]
Rusty Hook+Metals=Harvester Arm,Ripper Arm, Scythe Arm, Swather Arm [Efficient]
Chains+Gears=Rip Saw, Sabre Saw, Band Saw, Chainsaw [Celestial]
Turbine+Gears=Gunner Mark I, II, III, IV [Legendary]
Gas Can+Conductors=Flamer Mark I, II, III, IV [Radioactive]
Jumper Cables+Batteries=Laser Mark I, II, III IV [Accurate]
Caustic Juice+Conductors=Mortar Mark I, II, III, IV [Explosive]
Rotary Engine+Metals=Bow Drill Arm, Gear Drill Arm, Mill Drill Arm, Auger Drill Arm [Accurate]
Horrid Tentacle+Conductors=Feeler Arm, Tentacle Arm, Ungula Arm, Cilia Arm [Radioactive]
Metal Platter+Metals=Buckler Shield, Kite Shield, Heater Shield, Heraldic Shield [Efficient]
Spiny Crab+Nuts & Bolts=C-Clamp Arm, D-Clamp Arm, F-Clamp Arm, G-Clamp Arm, [Explosive]
Poison Seaweed+Nuts & Bolts=Fluke Anchor, Grapnel Anchor, Fisher Anchor, Brute Anchor [Grounding]
Clown Shoes+Conductors=Rousty Mallet, Carny Mallet, Clown Mallet, Jester Mallet [Multi-Attack]

these ones still need doing....
Scrap Heap
Saw Blade
Ancient Claw
Mud Bucket
Empty Jar
Spiked Club
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