Beat the game, my winning monster(spoilers)

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User Info: portez

8 years ago#1
Whew, finally beat the baron! Great game. Here are the parts that I forged to win, although I only made it by the skin of my teeth:
Accurate Auger Drill Arm = rotary engine+ neutronium
Wasp Arm = Honey Comb + anything( biological is most useful for final boss but this is an amazing part in general)
Legendary Phalanx Helmet= Scary Mask + Lag Bolt(also came through in a pinch wonderfully
Radioactive Jackhammer Legs=Turbine +Neutron Reactor
Quick Dragon Body = Rattlesnake + Star Powder(great balance of defense and recharge)

hope this is a good starting off point for everyone. I probably wouldve made him a little different if I played a second time, but he was a good monster overall, I have a perfect record!

User Info: ImmoKnight

8 years ago#2
I am having trouble creating the level 4 version of items. It's just too tough in the mini-games to create them. Like the welding game, it's just so fast. I can create it barely but the quality leaves a lot to be desired for. If you have hints for the creation process, lemme know. :)

User Info: portez

8 years ago#3
Yeah I agree, level 4 parts are just crazy tough. I think most of mine werent level 4 though. I also just focused on the games that were slightly easier. I found Astral Rift lvl 4 to not be too imposible for example. You just have to find which you are best at. Look for lvl 3 parts those are both really strong and not too tough but still hard. Get that stinger arm I think its only a 2 and its still really good.

User Info: Dasende

8 years ago#4
I thought I'd put up the monster I beat the game with as well.

A - (Efficient) Feral Unicorn Head = Broken Heart + Magic Dust
B - (Quick) Werewolf Claw = Wolf's Blood + Solid Muscle
T - (Super Charged) Big Rig = Flood Light + Greasy Sprocket
T - (Strong) Concrete Block = Mud Bucket + Neutron Reactor
A - (Explosive) Basilisk Legs = Bone Pile + Stardust

I took out all the surrounding parts to beat the Baron instead of going for the Torso, the Wasp arm is probably better suited for a Torso rush though.
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User Info: UGhost

8 years ago#5
Here's my winning monster:

Diamond Head (Alchemical) - Power Crystal + Diamond
Sutured Chest (Biological) - Broken Heart + Synthetic Cast
Mummy Legs (Alchemical) - Stag Beetle + Diamond
Wasp Arm (Biological) - Honeycomb + Volatile Plasma
Kong Arm (Biological) - Thick Pelt + Solid Muscle

Those are all level 4 parts with bonus abilities. The head regenerates and has an excellent block (vital for the final battle!) and the chest is Tough (672HP at 96%) with a decent amount of energy (48). The legs are Legendary (I chose them for the 370HP) and the wasp arm is Explosive and the Kong Arm is Strong.

I chose the wasp arm on the basis of the initial post in this thread, so thanks for the help there :)

User Info: JegueWar

8 years ago#6

hardeThe game could be much more harder.

Beated the last boss in first time, and he left me only with one red arm.

And now can't find any chalenge. =/


User Info: JegueWar

8 years ago#7

The game could be much more harder...

Beated the last boss in first time and he damaged only one of my arms, lefting it in red...

And now I can't find any more chalenge =/


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