Mesllia 3-2 (Electrical water room puzzle)

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User Info: sup3rman_001

8 years ago#1
I am stuck on this lock combination with a timer. I have tried to figure it out several times and cannot figure out how to get the combination to get to the fuse box before being killed by electricity. Can someone tell me the combination or how to figure the puzzle out? There a bunch of numbers all over the wall and I have no idea how to do it. Thanks.

User Info: raddhazard

8 years ago#2

There's a spot in the room near the rear left where if you turn towards the right, you'll see the three numbers line up.

I don't remember the combination...might be 435?

User Info: Sharpened_Dirk

8 years ago#3
this one has me stumped too >.< i'll try it, i know ive gotten the 4 to align, just nothing else
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