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User Info: star_guy_100

6 years ago#1
2 part question.

1. is this game good enough, from people who have played it, to make it worth going through the trouble? i liked all the games in the series so far. but how good and scary would it be in comparison?

2. will it work on a US wii if i imported it? or would i have to get a japanese wii too?

User Info: Zuhna

6 years ago#2
1. In my opinion it's the best of the series. It might not be as scary as say first game in the series but there are good scares in this too. I loved the story of this game much more than the others. But it's personal opinion if people like this or not. Some say it's the worst. Some say it's the best. And i say it's the best.

2. It will work on US wii if you use the translation patch which you can get from www.fatalframe4.net. For instructions you should visit Beyond Camera's Lens forums http://www.cameraslens.com/community/. And the patch will only work on Legally owned copy.
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User Info: star_guy_100

6 years ago#3
ok ill check into that then. is getting the translation set up fairly easy for the average person?

User Info: millimayne

6 years ago#4
It's super easy if you follow the instructions to the letter.
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User Info: star_guy_100

6 years ago#5
best place to get it is yesasia? i noticed that the yesasia site gives the warning that the game is only compatible with japanese version wii consoles. but that isnt an issue with the patch right? is yesasia a reliable site? or is there a better place to get it

User Info: Goldom

6 years ago#6
I ordered from there. Just arrived today. Works fine in my US Wii with the patch. I'm already going through HBC, so no guarantees how well the non-HBC version works, but they have one.

User Info: star_guy_100

6 years ago#7
whats hbc? im about to order it. does the patch translate both the written and spoken text? i just need to get 1 sd card right? expensive, so i hope this works out

User Info: zomborrr

6 years ago#8
It definitely works out. I'm on Chapter 3 right now and kicking some ghostly ass. If you did try to kick them, your foot would probably pass through their ass. Anyway, I only needed a 1GB SD card and that was it. You don't need a 2GB one. I got my copy from YesAsia, yet the price for it was a bit considerable but worth the money. I can now say I own all four FF's!

User Info: star_guy_100

6 years ago#9
just ordered it. im so stupid with computer/technical stuff, anything beyond the basics, so i really hope i can manage this or its a wasted 76 dollars. ill pick up a 1gb sd card too before it arrives. hopefully people will be on here to help if i struggle with it.
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  3. worth the trouble to get?

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