How to move bodies?

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User Info: hong314

8 years ago#1
I'm currently playing the American campaign and whenever I kill someone (as in the second mission where you have to neutralize the sentries) I get this message telling me to hide the body. I've been looking at the controls and I can't seem to be able to find how to do it. Any help?

tl;dr: what is command for moving bodies

User Info: Sean23

8 years ago#2
Umm, you use the use item command and it in there is a little curved arrow that says pick up and you use pick up on the body and to put it back down you use the drop command in the same use item command area.

User Info: zachmo11

8 years ago#3
You also have to have enough room in your inventory to pick up the dead soldier. I think its 2X4 squares or something like that.
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