This game is incredible.

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User Info: Voltage210

6 years ago#1
I bought it as a Steam deal not expecting much, and instead, it has quickly become my favorite RTS game ever. The depth of the inventory system and general strategy, is terrific.

If you're still wondering whether to pick this up, I highly recommend it.

User Info: d_damjan

6 years ago#2
I'll agree with you there, although I wish the developers ironed out some technical issues (start button in MP occassionaly not working, changing map in MP occassionaly not working, occassional crashes).

User Info: Rufus_the_rat

6 years ago#3
Yeah this is an amazing game - it really makes you feel like you're in the thick of it with dynamic battles plus the option to directly control each unit makes it a hybrid action/shooting game as well which is great.

User Info: petercrab

6 years ago#4
yeah there game is really good

User Info: ab_geee_eee

6 years ago#5
the gameplay is good but dude the voice acting is seriously one of the worst i've seen.. It's a shame, it feels like the developers didnt put much time into this game, a little more and it would've been great!

User Info: skohana

6 years ago#6

I can't think of any other vid game in any genre with voice acting as bad as in MoW, and I've read comment after comment about the glitches in the unpatched versions. With that said, MoW, MoWRT, and the other previous games(SHoWW2,FoW) are the best WW2 RTS game out there IMO. The inventory system, scavenging, unit/vehicle detail, difficulty, missions, destructible environment, Editor, excellent particle/explosion effects, not to mention the mods and the ease in which this game can be changed to suit the user. Is this game perfect, no way, but very very well done.

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  3. This game is incredible.

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