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User Info: L_Spiro

9 years ago#1
This topic contains codes that may spoil the original gameplay. You should first try your hand at the original gameplay before you use these codes.
If you feel you can not resist the urge of putting in cheat codes you should stop reading (well, finish this sentence at least), finish the game normally, and then come back to this topic later.

This special formatting is intended to make it harder to see the cheat codes at a glance.


I only wrote the story for this game so I can not verify the accuracy of these, but my coworkers say they work for sure.

L. Spiro

User Info: VaultBoy2319

9 years ago#2
wait..you worked on the game??
when's the game coming out for sure?? I'm dieing to play this game!!! *begs* PLEASE TELL ME ITS SOON!!!!!
you helped make one of the best games I never played!! I have no idea why I'm so obsessed with this game, but I am...
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'You must be', said the Cat, 'or you wouldn't have come here.'--Alice's Adventures In Wonderland

User Info: arkrex

9 years ago#3
Me, too. I look forward to your game. And story... oink
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