What no pit view?

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User Info: Sparda024

8 years ago#1

Well I was looking into this game but I didn't see any cockpit views, Yes I know you can see more and all that but I really like the true cockpit view.

Is there a mod that adds them, also I saw that X2 has the cockpit view, is that game still worth playing.

Also one more question, is there a graphical difference between X3R and X3T?

User Info: BigDan

8 years ago#2
TC has a few more lighting additions and some texture additions, but they're pretty close graphically speaking...

... and there is a cockpit mod hosted at the egosoft forums.

-Big Dan
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User Info: Sparda024

8 years ago#3

Thanks for the info.

Now ive loaded the game, started a custom game. When I move the ship the game lags so bad, I mean I get like 1 FPS.

Now I have a dual core proc 3.0ghz

9800gtx+ 1GB

3 GB ram

windows vista 32 bit

I should be able to run this game at good frames. I turned off all graphic settings but I still get the same damn results, Very annoying.

Any info on my problem would be great.

User Info: BuriBuriZaemon

8 years ago#4
Have you patched the game to version 2.1?

If you have, then my laptop is hopeless to run this game. :(
Life is too important to be taken seriously.

User Info: CarloTheCurious

8 years ago#5

Patch to the latest version, check your drivers and DirectX are up-to-date, and clear out your codecs.

User Info: Sparda024

8 years ago#6

Well none of that helped me out but thanks for trying.

I am playing X3 reunion now and I loaded my mercury ship with trade software MK3 and I have him trading in home of light.

I am capping pirate ships with my buster.

I am really enjoying the game so far but I have about 500K Cred and that's after spending a little over 500k on Trade mk3. Is there another way to gain Credits a little faster or should I stick with it until have enough to get into stations?

Also I would like to know what weapons I should fit on my buster?, I can kill almost anything but if a nova comes on board I'm running for a gate.

User Info: Maim00

8 years ago#7
Put that TCS mk3 in a freighter. That should make you better credits. An ore or sil mine in the ore belt can sometimes be a good start for a station.

The heaviest weapons a buster can have are the Beta PAC's. When you upgrade to a M3 you can start using Alpha HEPT's.

User Info: Sparda024

8 years ago#8

Ok sounds good to throw down silicone, everyone needs it.

Also I think my mercury is a freighter, its very large and can hold XL cargo like ore. I may be wrong though.

User Info: Shiftfallout

8 years ago#9
Sparda, I had the same issue as you with TC. The reason the performance sucks is because of the FFDshow codecs. You can turn them off specifically for the X-3 exe and your performance will get an insane boost. There is a stickied thread about it on the egosoft forums.
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