Making money in this game seems pretty hard at first

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User Info: English Smoker

English Smoker
6 years ago#1
Like the missions you can pickup. I saw this one which was "Easy", it said deliver an iguana to wherever. Seems easy enough, except they don't give you the money to buy the ship. So you need over 300k to do the mission. The reward? about 2k.

Anyone with over 300k is not going to waste time on a mission with that low a reward.

I've seen very hard missions with payment of only about 60k. What would be the point in doing those?

Also ship repairs are so expensive. I made a lot of money just by selling the rapiers and other ships that become your property while doing the early missions. Then had to spend hundreds of thousands repairing my ship not even to 100%. I didn't realise you could just use the space suit gun to fix it, but this is going to take a lot more time when I get a bigger ship
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User Info: Code 51 50

Code 51 50
6 years ago#2
The missions are based on your rank and reputation. The more delivery mission you do the more they will grow/pay. Similarly the more "defend this station"/"attack this target" missions you do the harder they will be and the more they pay. Last time I helped defend a station, an "easy" mission. I got 2 million credits.
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User Info: English Smoker

English Smoker
6 years ago#3
I see, in that case I'd better start doing them
Smoking costs money, smells bad, and kills people. But cool people don't care about that kind of stuff.

User Info: Da_V_Man

6 years ago#4
Yeah, they might seem kind of dumb at first, but as your Economic and Combat ranks increase, the rewards for missions increase as well. Also, the more difficult the mission is ranked, the more of a reward you'll get.
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User Info: Littlica

6 years ago#5
When you do DTS Missions do you go it solo or with a little fleet at your side?

User Info: TEXE2002

6 years ago#6
I have to agree...

I spent a good 2-3 hours earning 120k in a new game trading and near the end of the session, the AI glitches it's autopilot route and crashes into a small rock leaving me with 30% hull.

I go to station expecting a max repair cost of perhaps 10k and I get told I don't even have enough credits to pay for the full repair. Considering how repetitive trading is, I feel like giving up after that.

I had to abandon my first game because I randomly had my Sabre destroyed by non reds while I was piloting a captured ship back to a shipyard with only 800 credits saved.

User Info: rileym65

6 years ago#7
I think it depends on which start you use. I started with the humble merchant for my current play through. After selling off the discoverer (Which is more usefull to sell than use) you have about 40k credits. When I started my current game I went and picked up ore at one of the mines (got it for a great price, only 51cr) then told the discoverer to follow me to Argon Prime and sold the discoverer at the shipyard and then flew down to Home of Light and sold the ore to one of the factories there, giving me just over 50k credits total.

Then I docked at Terracorp HQ and bought the best buy, best sell, and trade extensions. By the time I was done with this I had 500 credits to my name, but was well setup now to buy and sell for the best prices. Remaining in the Argon core sectors and using the trade software within 2 hours I had grown my 500 credits to almost 200k and that was with buying the engine and rudder tuning, better shields, a weapon, more cargo space and the rest of the software extensions (minus Trade MK III).

From that point on it was actually quite easy to make money. I currently have 4 sector traders making money for me while I fly my M4 fighter around exploring. I figure by the time I am done exploring the galaxy my traders will have earned me enough to build my first station.

User Info: dezzter

6 years ago#8

dude you may want to get an m3 like a nova or use a disco so u can outrun stuff because their are some places that when you go there as soon as u go through the gate you have 2 M2 (destroyer class) shooting the F**K out of you untill u go boom and it says game over.

User Info: AhdDib

6 years ago#9
I consider myself an x3 expert. I can vouch that HEPTs are very energy efficient. they are primarily good for killing m2s like the Centaur with a m3 like a Nova. I also would like to mention that the BEST thing to do IMMEDIATELY when beginning a game is to go to Elena's Fortune and save at a station. then attack pirates with your crappy ship until a M3 pilot bails. Then spend the 5 minutes to repair it and save up for the guns and shields. capture some other ships and sell them for the credits. then fly an m3 and save yourself the trouble.

I don't fly anything with less than 75 mj shields. I also don't fly falcons (unless I cap one first) There are also several FREE ships around. a quick google search will yield some MAPS if that's your thing.

here's my loadout for the Nova I normally fly early in the game. (i prefer my vidar at the moment hehe)

Pirate Nova Vanguard:

3 25mj shields
1st line Left: Phased repeater gun / Right: Partical Accelerator Cannon
2nd lne PRG / PAC
3rd line PAC/PAC
4th Line HEPT/HEPT

group 1 is ALL guns, Group 2 is HEPT, Group 3 is PACs, group 4 is PRG.

The point of grouping them individually is i can focus fire on particular targets based on their speed. a M5 going 450m/s is totally a PRG target. a buster sentinel going 240 m/s is PAC fodder. and anything going under 150m/s is HEPT worthy. Yo'll also find that grouping the guns in this manner allow them to fire in a close pattern with each other. although this makes it slightly harder to score hits, you will hit harder when you do have a good shot lined up.This is CRUCIAL to weapon energy conservation. In a tight spot you can't afford to waste shots.

I also NEVER use missiles except for a mosquito missile to grab a fast target's attention if they're out of laser range.. Using them is up to you but be sure NOT to shoot them while being shot at. they will be detonated next to your ship and you'll die in the blast radius if it's a powerful missile like a thunderbolt missile.

I like the NOVA due to the turret on the back as well. these prove very handy against multiple small targets. I use a PAC there for a nice balance between speed and damage. a few good shots will kill a M5 and hurt a M4.

I hope this helps. if you want some more input feel free to email me ahddib at gmail dot com

User Info: PenguinMD

6 years ago#10
An expert would know that the centaur is a M6, not a M2....just sayin'
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