Magical Melody VS A wonderful life (GC)

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User Info: AtticusFinch88

6 years ago#1

To anyone who has played both, which is the better game?

It's been a long time since I've played any harvest moon, and recently I've had the urge to pick one up again. I'm not including Tree of Tranquility because it's quite rare here in the UK (or waay overpriced).

I don't mind about graphical differences, just interested in getting the most out of my money, and the better HM experience overall.

User Info: AAHyrule

6 years ago#2
If you ignore graphical differences (assuming you're referring to general aesthetics and not literally graphics as graphics are merely the level of technical prowess of a game's visuals and very well may be better in MM) then any advantage AWL had is pretty much gone. MM has much more content, a TON of a freedom allotted to the player (far more than any other HM game, you can basically buy any plot of land in town and develop it any way you want), and clear and achievable goals (as opposed to just noodling around bored for seven years in AWL).
Besides having a very charming and relaxing atmosphere, the only other thing AWL has going for it is more rounded characters and more interaction with them. That's important in its own right, but ultimately become trivial amongst AWL's inferiorities.
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Jason Hart Maivia 6 years ago#3
A Wonderful is easily one of the worst Harvest Moon games in the series. It's gets boring fast, with very little to buy, no festivals, a dead Harvest Goddess, little interaction with the villagers, and most of the Harvest Moon charm being ripped away.

It's just a beautiful-looking empty shell. No matter how much polish you can put into a game to make it look good, if nothing else is done to keep the game interesting, you'll have bored gamers.

Magical Melody is one of the best of the series. If possible, buy the Gamecube version, for it's the less-buggy version with more content intact (you need a gamecube controller and memory card), but the Wii version is still okay, if it's the only version you can play. In the Wii version, you cannot play as a female farmer, like in the Gamecube version, but it's still a good game.

Magical Melody = get
A Wonderful Life = ignore
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