would anyone here be interested in the making of a moz tier list?

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  3. would anyone here be interested in the making of a moz tier list?

User Info: grandcalabash

5 years ago#1
just to be clear im not asking you to put time in im just wondering if you would be amused by the making of one. it would be under my terms.

almighty is banned

characters will be evaulated on their ability to handle obstacles well with consistancy and safety a greater concern than damage and kill speed.

I am not doing a solo tier list, this is a team game and the team aspect will not be ignored. at bare minimum team buffs will be valued over self buff, switch cancles will be consittered. being able to use abilities that work well with others will be consittered. sun jians offense mandating a specific team if he wants sexy back and messing up the teams musou bars post offense will be consittered.

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#2
In a way a teamwork tier goes into

Sun Jian
Wu Kong
Cao Cao

Everything else

Sun Jian works with everyone, like seriously. Hes an emergency "let me cheap the win" character no matter what team you uses. You can put 2 ridiculously bad character(No Ima Benkei Gyu in one team). They still provide a useful TA Launcher and Sun Jian can still Gaia Force spam(this aint no digimon boy). A 10 second is enough to make it safe, and win everything. Hell he has relatively good Infinites with C3 if your bored(and solid C4)

That and he is pretty safe in the calling what with being speed character with invakuable Air Dash, all that said i believe just like WO1, Sun Jian is still the most polarizing character in the whole game when it comes to team placement

And now that you said it lets follow it up

Wu Kong is damn obvious, Transportation and allows some combo set ups. His problem is he is not Sun Jian(who as i said is a total Deus Ex Machina BS), he isnt OMG theres something ! Does something into Cheap Win.

Cao Cao is IMO the epitome of high class character. One of the best team buff, a good siuation control attacks, good Air capability, and being able to hold his own rather well.

One character i wanted to promote is... Lu Bu. Yes, Lu Bu. He is bar none the single safest character outside of Orochi and Orochi variants. Now that your actualy taking Safety for situations control, i believe Lu Bu has a good chance in this. C3 gives pretty nice delay, and make him Safe while dealing solid damage. R1 can be used as emergency escape into buff set up. All in all a solid safe character

In general Speed Guys especialy those with extended mobility and good buff is THE guy here. Sun Jian and Cao Cao at top because both of them has good if not almost flawless escaping tools(being speed, and Sun Jian with Air Dash and Musou Dash into switching and Cao Cao using Air Dash and relatively good mobile JC) and what i believe the best buff in the entire game in potential situations.

The Empty bar is actualy easy to manage esp with faster regeneration of inactive characters. In MOZ where most character can get empty bars before long thanks to buffed defense, Sun Jian's ability to handle the whole situation make him invaluable

As for Cao Cao, his buff includes Attack and SA. Yeah, the only SA buff

Other characters :

Category that i put in is Mobility, ease of Set up ability(use a move, switch, combo) and safety. Ease of set up generally relies on flinches and fast, low number hits that resulted in falling characters and free situation to move around

San Zang : 2 words. DAT MOBILITY. And her actualy useful semi 360 set ups is pretty safe(and theres her electric ring which is really useful)

Lu Meng : The Fire Arrows is a good safety tools that flinches. I actualy tried some fun stuff with the Arror to set up several characters offense. Oh and hes a speed. A solid set up guy here

Goemon : IF you manage to use C3 explosive or C4, he guarantees safe situation, not notable enough but its pretty good

Nu Wa : Oh boy.... Dat JC, Dat R1, Dat DR1. DAT safety. Shes kinda like Close Range Lu Meng where Lu Meng poke with arrows, She can use the Stab, her safety and her Funny yet p. good air charge

Dian Wei : Generic Set up helper. C3ex, C3-1 are fast and set up like madman. C4 for crowd control. Not too good though IIRC

Ranmaru : Sonicboom ! or R1 Switch. Thats it, Set up machine... kinda

Zhou Yu and Lu Xun : Mentioned for R1 flame, and C4. One thing i forgot to mention is a possible utility of Orbs C1(Cao Cao, Bovine Urine, Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, etc has this)

Lu Bu : C1 and JC for safety. R1 for unique get away and switch button. C3 being ridiculously safe and set up golden boy. High Tier IMO

Musashi : One of better horse guy, C3-3 for set ups and CC.

Note that this is all a simple theory so yea
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User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#3
Extra on set up :

Flinches : usually from C3, if its not Dizzy, its flinch. Simply put the recoil is good for set upping combo for unsafe characters

Fall : This kind of set up relies on dropping the enemy, thus getting chance to switch. A good one is Guan Yu's fast C4 with proper elements(although one can argue that the buff cost too much Musou to spam quick drop set up with Guan Yu)

Air Throw : Such as Guan Yu C1 and Dian Wei C3 ex. Blow em up, and switch and go,

mobility : Well duh, character with good mobility for transport. Yes horse exist but having one isnt bad... Obviously DONT say X sucks because Y is better. That is good for placements but for individual capability that is not a good argument. MAYBE Zhong R1 is worse than Ren C3-ex, didnt make him sucks, even when hes placed lower than Ren. Escape Button(move that make you go into safe position either by CC, or moving so damn far. Air Dash is a near universal example) is on a mobility stuff

Hideyoshi : Buff and C4 for set ups

Zuo Ci : Speed, good set up moves with R1 and DR1 and all around good set up character. And a good on point combo as well...

Guan Yu : Its C1 might be useful being power guy and unblockable. C4 is undoubtedly a good and fast, easy to acess set up move

Nobunaga : GIGA DRILLL C3 ESCAPE BUTTON GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. C1 might be useful, but i dunno

Ma Chao : pretty decent safety button with C1, and Safe and fast C strings. Oh and JC. RESPECT THE JC

Taigong Wang : Bait. And exploding Water from Air. Too many inuendo ? why not. Too bad he cant be a nuke button again since Musou is VASTLY nerfed

Da Ji : Mobile and Fast C4 is her flagship. Escape, killing and semi set up in one go ? why not

Orochi : JS is pretty useful, so does JC. C1 ? hooo booooooyyyyyy. Booom ! Switch in the fog !!!

Jiang Wei : Thunder R1 and C3 and C6(all of which is pretty quick BTW)

Yeah that for now, i might need to sleep since its 11 PM right now....
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User Info: grandcalabash

5 years ago#4
so does all this mean you are or aren't interested?

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#5
im just giving inputs

but i dont see myself playing anytime soon, the lag.....
Real Metal bounces their breast. Deal with it
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  3. would anyone here be interested in the making of a moz tier list?

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