Walker locations

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User Info: svenhoek06

8 years ago#1
Anyone know of any? I know I found one somewhere out in Dust (after the mission with the walker) so I was wondering if anyone knew any of the locations they might spawn at.
Oh Chuck me.
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User Info: svenhoek06

8 years ago#2
Hump de bump
Oh Chuck me.
The purpose of our creation: Tiger Food

User Info: Deaths_Blade_7X

8 years ago#3
In Oasis some spawn up there.

User Info: lbhocky19

8 years ago#4

i found one right past the big bridge in badlands there is a fortified wall and behind it is the jumping walker

i found a combat one in a garage next to the windmill farm thing

User Info: tiamat8917

8 years ago#5
bump any more locations? I found one in the second outpost for the main mission in badlands (the one where you have to protect the vehicle carrying supplies for the wounded guys). I also found one by the large building in the middle of the far left area in oasis. both were the mini walkers.
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