Morale Bonus.

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User Info: agentjayd007

8 years ago#1
So when you finish a mission, it will say Morale Bonus 100 X 1. Well how do I make that 1 go up more to get more salvage? Also is there a limited amount of salvage, since so far it doesn't look like buildings rebuild.
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User Info: Rome218

8 years ago#2
I also want to know if it's possible to do this, I've always been getting a x1 multiplier.

User Info: Evildude101

8 years ago#3
Destroyed vehicles leave salvage, and they are infinite. You can get about 5 salvage points from each armored car they use.

User Info: AvalonSharpe

8 years ago#4
Evildude, read the question a little more carefully.

This would totally help me in getting that damned nano rifle, anyone have any clues on it yet?
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User Info: Elemental_Guard

8 years ago#5
I don't believe you can get a x2 multiplier.

User Info: SeraphiK

8 years ago#6
The tutorial explanation had a x4 multiplier..... >.>
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User Info: somewarpedguy

8 years ago#7
From what I have been able to find, there is no way to get a better multiplier. They were going to have it possible but it got taken out of the final game. One of the Volition people on the official forums said its because you were only completing one mission at a time?

User Info: ClagiusClanlor

8 years ago#8
In the instructional video it shows a times 3 multiplier. I assumed that you would get greater bonuses in later missions.

But seriously, if you just pick and choose which weapons you want to use on a regular basis and only upgrade those, it's awfully easy to buy all you want. I had enough after liberating dust to buy and max out the nano rifle straightaway.

Evildude was off-topic, but he's right. If you just grab salvage from every vehicle you destroy, there's not even a need to farm for it.

User Info: Sephlock

8 years ago#9
Haha, if you think the Nano rifle was expensive.... just wait until you try to upgrade the *insert spoilers here*.

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User Info: Sneaky Assassin

Sneaky Assassin
8 years ago#10
I expected it to multiply once I'd taken over sectors, like parker and dust would give you x2 etc.
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