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User Info: Dragovian1

6 years ago#1
Yep, this board is dead in the water. If anyone is checking this board with the incentive of buying this game, all I can say it. It's an awesome game with alot to do. Alot of fun is to be had with this game. Check some vids for gameplay and some nice reviews. Now, go my little guerillas and free Mars from the EDF!

P.S. I claim this board ;)
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User Info: Newhopes

6 years ago#2

The games pretty rubbish really gets repetitive and boring really quick.

(message deleted)

User Info: Dragovian1

6 years ago#4
Posted 3/19/2011 3:59:43 PM
"The games pretty rubbish really gets repetitive and boring really quick."

Posted 3/19/2011 5:02:46 PM
"The games pretty rubbish really gets repetitive and boring really quick."

Posted twice why?

Gotta love the haters. They shine no bright light on why they have hatred, but they sure do hate it.

Anyways, awesome game. Multiple, upgradeable weapons, missions, landscapes, vehicles, and just generally many ways of getting the job done. Examples: (from one of my earlier posts)

1. Use vehicle to scale rocky terrain. Later use the jetpack.

2. Hijacking: Grab a pickup with attached m-guns, throw 2 explosives in the bed. Drive to a flat or downhill area (convoy going downhill). Sit and wait. Wait for 1st escort/s to drive by, then shoot the one you're hijacking until driver jumps out. While shooting, drive between it and last escort/s with truck. Jump out and RUN to the other vehicle. Around this time, blow your truck sky high and escape.

3. Courier: Use a vehicle w/ weapons (van, pickup, buggy...speedy) to kill the courier. Grab loot. Drive away, dodging main roads, which may have road blocks. Return to safehouse where alert level drops to green.

4. The game has many different ways of playing. Blow a building from afar with a rocket launcher or sneak up and use your hammer. Throw some explosives in a dump truck and ram that sucker into a building, jump out, run, and blow it up. Take cover and shoot. Don't be stationary. The enemy moves where they believe/know where you are. You're a Guerilla. Use those tactics. There are many other ways to play, just don't act like a normal soldier, since you will be overwhelmed ;)
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User Info: Newhopes

6 years ago#5

The game isn't even hard it just gets repetitive and boring very quickly.

User Info: sparowprime

6 years ago#6

So, the game isn't hard enough for you eh? Here's a quick tip, don't play on easy mode! Man up and play that bad boy on hard level or higher like a true guerrilla! You should already have your 360 preset to start your games on hard anyway if you want to ensure challenging gameplay with all your games.

I get so tired of seeing people slap the boring and repetitive label on games that do nothing but give you as much to do as possible. You of course have your main story, which really takes a side car seat to all the side missions available that are also necessary to drive the story forward. Theresdemolition challenges,time trials,building raids, areadefense missions, carrier interception missions,hostage rescue missions, assassinations, and good old fashion grand theft auto to name a few things that will take up your time while playing the game.

But forget about the missions for a moment, lets talk about the toys and all the wonderful things you can do with them. First off, there isn't a building standing that can't be relieved of that oh so temporary condition with high explosives or some hardcore driving. I think it was an advertisement for the first red faction that said "why attack the convoy, when you can just blow the bridge up" or something like that. That mentality holds true with this game, as some well placed charges can topple bridges sendinganything unlucky enough to be on it plummeting to the ground below.

Got a building full of snipers pissing you off, take a big truck and remove the first floor, sending the rest into a collapsing pile of stone steel and dead bodies. There's a rifle that eats through solid material like a super soaker blasting tissue paper. Sniper rifles, Rocket launchers, pistols, shotguns, missile launchers, disc launchers, prox. mines, detonated charges, singularity bombs, jet packs, sledgehammers, sharp sticks...........well you get the point, and their all upgradable with salvage found around the world.

But wait, there's more. Taking a page out of grand theft autos book, do anything to piss off the games main group of antagonist, and you will have a group of them to fight off that will not surrender until you have successfully fled the area, no amount of killing will bring an end to the assault. Keep up your shenanigans and the force they attack you with increases, as in armored vehicles and more heavily armed troops. Continue to be stubborn and a full air assault complimented by tanks and turrent mounted personnel carriers will be thrown into the mix, now making it more than a task to escape death, which by the way brings down the morale of that sector.

What, I didn't mention morale? Well that's a meter that fills as you blow up enemy facilities, get kill streaks and basically stick it to the man. The higher your morale, the more random people take up arms and help you fight the good fight, it is a rebellion after all. But all in all, Red Faction Guerrilla is a lot of fun packed into one disk, and these days you can get it for next to nothing. Let me make this simple, if you enjoy blowing things up, if you enjoy firefights that you can not see a clear way out accept to put more bullets down range, if you want to stick an explosive devise on the chest of your enemy and watch him run and flail helplessly into his comrades just before you decide to detonate it, you need to play this game.

User Info: Carpe_Noctum

6 years ago#7

Ya, the game is a blast. I started playing it again after getting side tracked when I bought it 1 1/2 years ago and it's a ton of fun. Yes, Crysis 2 is killer and is the new game I am playing but Red Faction is in the rotation of games I am playing right now and it's a great change of pace. It is pretty funny when people say things like "the game is too easy" or " the game is repetitive and boring"; see some people don't play every game on hard and some people actually like sandbox games because it's fun to try different things and play with the game world. I would recommend this game because it's killer to mess with everything. Good time to get it too as it's cheap and the new game is just months away.

User Info: Dragovian1

6 years ago#8
Ah...playing this wonderful gem again. Anyone interested should grab this one. Played it 4 times, now starting my 5th, though it's only on Hard.
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User Info: Laylow12

6 years ago#9
Wow I need this game!
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User Info: Stabs2503

6 years ago#10
i loved the mp, i wish the new one had a mp
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