WOW this game looks bad...

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User Info: soccerman36

9 years ago#1

watching the preview.. i kept waiting for something to happen that would actually indicate there is something worth checking out in this game.... but apparently not. Lame dancing simulator + lame assortment of minigames + REALLY lame fighting mechanic = This Is Vegas.

Is anyone out there actually interested by this game? and if so... why?

User Info: jazztrumpet5

9 years ago#2

Yeah, pretty much everything in this game looks terrible. Graphics, gameplay, premise... To me it looks like one of those games where absolutely nothing is well-developed or fleshed out.

Even the lame attempt at creating "sexy" girls. Wet T-shirt contest? Dumb idea that also looks like crap.

Worse than Big Rigs.

User Info: mfacek

9 years ago#3
Seems like just a really lame mini-game compilation game.

User Info: MetroidPrimePwn

9 years ago#4
Yeah. This looks like it has some serious problems. The main of which is that nothing seems "smooth" or "even". The dancing just seems to be a forced mechanic, and the moves look mechanical and don't flow well. Dancing in real life should be natural, and this game's dancing isn't. The fighting also seems to be a problem, as in the trailer, the fighting didn't look fun at all. The guy didn't really fight back. Ideally, I'd want the fighting to be challenging, and in this game, it obviously isn't. I want the other guy to throw punches, to have my guy get hit, knocked back, knocked down, etc.

User Info: MetroidPrimePwn

9 years ago#5

Also, the animations looked forced as well. In the "Wet T-Shirt Contest", the girls didn't react natuarlly to the spraying (they sort of stood there for a while, and when they did move, they didn't seem to be moving in reaction to the water). Also, the guy looked like he was just standing there and moving his waste. Thanks to Crysis and Uncharted, I'm using to smooth, natural, and realistic movement animations. He should be swinging his arm around to move the sprayer, moving his hips and moving his head. But he's just not.

In Vegas, you want your moves to be smooth, but this game's moves aren't.

User Info: Rasgueado

9 years ago#6
Everything about this presentation looks awful. The most insulting bit to me was the wet t-shirt mini-game... but let's be honest. Nearly every component of that video insults your intelligence in some manner.

User Info: soccerman36

9 years ago#7
even the guy narrating the video sounded really akward and unnatural. I mean bad video games are not exactly rare... but its just kind of weird that this is like a Gamespot featured preview... it seems like a joke.

User Info: Adam_the_Nerd

9 years ago#8
I agree. What really makes me mad though, is that I opepend up a topic like this on another board, "This Game looks like crap/no one really cares about this game sadly" and was suspended for 1 day.

User Info: JT_10000

9 years ago#9

I could not agree more! Make a game focused on action, or create a ripoff of the sims, but don't mix them up. Nobody has made any real money off of a game that is half GTA and half Sims because both genres are too different to be mixed. "This is Vegas" is going to go ahead and do it anyway, its going to suck, and it will fail miserably.

Terrible waste of potential. They could have made a great game out of it if the developers weren't such clueless morons.

User Info: The_AI

9 years ago#10

The preview wasn't that great looking. There were serious graphics issues, and the minigames were kinda lame lame. Plus, the fighting AI looks awful. The guy just stood there.

I can't imagine Gamespot giving this game a respectable score.

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