WOW this game looks bad...

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User Info: t8trg8tr

9 years ago#21
I won't bother with this game.

User Info: Kei_neoblood

9 years ago#22
Idk, give it a shot, maybe it was just an early build...?

User Info: gavdav_1

9 years ago#23
the preview defiantly showed a near finished build

User Info: 3vilash

9 years ago#24
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Gribb85

9 years ago#25
It is a bit harsh to already call a game rubbish, or even compare to the sucky big rigs on what was essentially an 8 minute video. Reserve your judgement for when you actually play the game at least, it still has 4 months or so development time. The video didn't wow me either, but whats the point of flaming it already? On another note, why check out a forum just to talk mess about a game? Seems a bit foolish to me, we all love games, we all love playing games, in the mean time lets give This is Vegas an honest chance for when we actually play a demo of the thing. Until then stop judging a game on a game play vid, and talk on forums of games you actually do like, not on forums you don't. The fact that you as readers and viewers are on this forum talking about the game, albeit it negatively, must mean it peaked your interest somehow, therefore meaning the game preview has done its job.

User Info: 12eece

9 years ago#26

gavdav_1 posted...
the preview defiantly showed a near finished build

Its not going to be released until October/November time, if its near finished wouldnt it be a lot sooner?

User Info: whostolemysoul

9 years ago#27
^not if GTA4 was about to be released, I'd wait a few months for it to cool down as well

User Info: Baseman28

9 years ago#28

Whether a game is good or bad doesn't matter, it's how the gamers think of it and how they advertise it (well, mostly the latter nowadays).

That's why games like Okami and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time sat on the shelves "gathering dust" (or just sold a bit "poorly") while 50 Cent: Bulletproof and Jaws: Unleashed sold millions of copies.

User Info: ONS47

9 years ago#29

lmfao, I expected to come into this forum and express my propblems with the game and get flamed by people only to find that everybody thinks its as bad as I do...

I have new respect for the gamespot community FTW

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  3. WOW this game looks bad...

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