Should have bikini contests not fights

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User Info: KVASEY

9 years ago#1

The game is supposed to be about living out your wildest Vegas fantasies. Getting into a fight is not one of my fantasies, in Vegas or anywhere else. A bikini contest is more of a fantasy. It would be fun to be able to go the the various Vegas hotel pools and recruit girls for a bikini contest, choose swimsuits for the girls like DOA Extreme, then be able to take & save pictures like Playboy the Mansion.

User Info: Rattlesnake_8

9 years ago#2
Vegas.. a place of lights, hookers, Elvis impersonaters, lots of live shows, gambling and people who elope in those tiny churches you see in the movies. Im sure there are fights.. however like in the video, a guy talks to a girl and gets beaten up? How was he causing trouble? He wasn't stumbling around abusing people or anything.. this game hasn't impressed me at all unfortunitly.

User Info: Fanible

9 years ago#3

That might be a nice plug for the game "Living out your wildest fantasies," but it's not really what the game is about. It's just about playing a character that works/lives in Vegas. And if you're playing as essentially a bouncer sometimes, then you're gonna get into fights, plain and simple.

And as we already saw, there are wet t-shirt contests and whatnot.

User Info: KVASEY

9 years ago#4

Your comment that it's just a plug is probably accurate. But, I think that's unfortunate. Why not have it be about your wildest fantasies? Also, the wet t-shirt contest in the video could have been a lot better. A bartender squirting 3 girls with a... I don't know what you call it... a bartender's softdrink dispenser hose thing. The drink serving mini-game was kind of lame, too.

User Info: spank_my_bottom

9 years ago#5

They should have a mini-game where the goal is to take as many girls as you can back to your hotel room.

You would pick up some girls in the club by dancing and serving drinks, and you could even PAY random girls than you meet on the street. lol

Of-course since this is a M rated game, and not a AO game, I don't expect them to show you what goes on inside of the hotel room. The game would end when you and the girls entered the doorway.

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