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User Info: Neo_Sarevok

9 years ago#1
I personally don't see why people think this game will be so bad. While I don't think it's perfect in any one area, I think all around it will be a fun GTA inspired mini-game parody of a Vegas party. First off, comparing this game to popular titles in the graphics department, like Drake's Fortune, isn't fair. Some games simply don't have the budget Naughty Dog has to put out a grade-A title and this game is apparently one of them, so instead of asking yourself how the game could be better, ask yourself what the game does well.

Graphically, I think it looks solid and much better than a number of other so called "next-gen" games. The fighting mechanics also look good as they seem inspired from "The Godfather" game which was praised for its similar fighting approach, utilizing grapples and fist fighting. To the people who say the guy in the video doesn't fight back, this is true, but obviously for demonstration purposes, the designers felt having him stand still was appropriate. In the retail version, even if they initially do act like this, the troubled party makers will obviously get tougher as the levels progress.

Granted, the wet shirt mini-game is odd, but I respect the game for giving us options. The more options, the better, even if they aren't necessarily well refined.

Considering this game isn't even out until the end of 2008 (minimum), I don't see how people can say it's bad. Until then, I'd like to read someone praising the game for it's unique approach at the very least instead of bashing it.

User Info: Dark_Hobbit

9 years ago#2
hmm, i agree with you that people need to give the game time to advance a bit more before making a decision on the game. but i think the timing for this game is a little bad. with GTA round the corner everyone is going mad for it. although if we're honest what have we seen of actual game-play? exactly, not alot. we have met characters and seen intros to certain missions but we haven't seen any free roam to tell if anything is new. so from my point of view the game hasn't advanced much from the last game, which is to say its going to be same old same old, but with a new guy and soundtrack. so why pick on this game because it wants to be different? yeah things look bad right now, but give it time, it may improve, it may not. i just don't think people should call it rubbish from the get go when they obviously have GTA fever...

User Info: Cole1

9 years ago#3

Neo_Sarevok posted...
Leave this game ALOOOONE!


User Info: Origina1Penguin

9 years ago#4

I completely agree with you. Too many people have come to expect every game to have the budget of a AAA title. I think this game looks like it could be fun, and that's all that really matters.

I hate your thread title though...

User Info: zz1234v2

9 years ago#5
Personally if they have nice casinos, and a solid gambling mechanic, good driving, and a nice open space that will be enough for me to enjoy. I mean what was the last game to feature Vegas as a setting ... That one mission from Hitman Blood Money and that's all I can think of at the top of my head. While the wet T-Shirt thing was ... really odd I think that the game will be okay, it really is to soon to assume anything though

User Info: acura_rsx

9 years ago#6
"I mean what was the last game to feature Vegas as a setting ... That one mission from Hitman Blood Money and that's all I can think of at the top of my head."

Two Rainbow Six: Vegas games have come out since Blood Money, if you didn't know.

Oh, yeah, this game will suck. Not because of budget (one of my most anticipated games of the last several years, Infinity: The Quest For Earth, has no budget to speak of, has a development team of only several people, and is much more ambitious in scope), but because it's meant to capitalize on the bottom rung of society. Judged on what they've willingly decided to present to the public, they're focusing on moronic things, and as a result, I can guarantee you that some of the most important parts of the game, namely, the gambling, won't be as fleshed out as it needs to be in order to separate it from much better games (namely, GTAIV, which over the past hour and a half has already rendered This Is Vegas obsolete).
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User Info: pauly_27

9 years ago#7
After reading the topic title, I was expecting some sort of Chris Crocker impersonation.

Game looks bad...Really bad.
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User Info: Malow-x

9 years ago#8
I dont think anyone will leave this game alone due to the fact it looks absolutely awful. Even gameplay looks damn stupid.

User Info: Great_Gonzo1111

9 years ago#9
This games looks interesting und could be fun. Seems to be a kind of GTA/Sims game.

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