What this game needs

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User Info: KSingh77

8 years ago#1
Is a group of robbers dressed up as Elvis Presleys,robbing a casino and having a big ass shoot out with the security guards.

User Info: DemonOfPain

8 years ago#2
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User Info: readmatt007

8 years ago#3

*Ching ching ching ching*

We Have a winner

User Info: big2006

8 years ago#4
3000 Miles to Graceland The Official Game. Win indeed.
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User Info: KSingh77

8 years ago#5
I hope they have a mission similiar to the movie.

User Info: gtafan08

8 years ago#6


User Info: Blade Da Razor

Blade Da Razor
8 years ago#7
I thought you were gonna say more cowbell
Gamertag: Blade Da Razor
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