Grand Theft Auto: Vegas

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User Info: jsoudy

8 years ago#1
I'm just sayin. This could easily be called that. It's like a new GTA with new features.
Naw, I'm good

User Info: Jas_Pata

8 years ago#2
Eh, I wouldnt go that far just yet, sounds like it has a few different ideas in it... Sorta skeptical about it as of right now.


8 years ago#3
Well since it will be the first in a potential series, it may not be as in-depth as the GTA series has gotten. But it looks like a great start to me. They definitely picked a great setting for it.

User Info: maxmax1234

8 years ago#4

I dont see a Nice or CJ dancing in the club...

Didnt CJ do that once on a date... Yeah , OK forget I said that, then OP is pretty right.

User Info: SiLVeR_420

8 years ago#5
maybe just a gta clone with different stuff to do and in a different city and hopefully its funner
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User Info: VincentStark

7 years ago#6

How about instead of GTA its Saints Row: Vegas. Its perfect, the storyline could be Dex fled to Vegas thinking "Boss" wouldn't find him there, then he goes there and takes out gangs there and takes control of the casinos and everything to expand the Saints. Won't happen, but would be nice.


7 years ago#7
The storyline in Saints Row 2 was awesome. Much better than the story in GTA4 IMO.

User Info: smallvillefan26

7 years ago#8
i wish R* would do the next game in Vegas, no dissespect to NY people, but Vegas is WAY more fun, i wanna own a casino, as phat house like what his face had in oceans 13, and a few hundred italian sports cars baby, play black jack, get into a texas hold-em tourny, oh wait TIV has that, RELEASE THIS GAME PLEASE!!!!! NOW!!!!!!


7 years ago#9
I hope the next GTA is back in Florida

User Info: SiLVeR_420

7 years ago#10
Liberty city is getting annoyingIMO and if they do the next GTA back in Vice city that would be awsome.
gamertag- youngSiLVeRstar
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