this is VEGAS!

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User Info: rohr2

7 years ago#1
Go see District 9. Just go see it. No matter if your 4 years old or 50 years old.

User Info: howdythereman

7 years ago#2
Tonight we dine in Vegas!!!!
Where in the world is Carmen Sandiago? I hope she isnt having an affair with Waldo again...


7 years ago#3
I missed it.

User Info: The Flood

The Flood
7 years ago#4
A thousand corporations of America descend upon your conventions. Their drunk and lonely businessmen will blot out the sun.
Okay, so I'm not a.. uh... good... word.. guy...

User Info: raichudl

7 years ago#5
Not coming out without any media coverage.
changed my sig due to the fact that my being a female was offensive to the immature idiots on this board - girlgamersrock

User Info: _Zayden_

7 years ago#6
This is madness.

User Info: scotti english

scotti english
7 years ago#7
When the Vegas was born, like all Vegas, he was inspected.
If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
--"You're like a dead horse, put a bit of minge round it!"--
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