This Is Vegas delayed again (possibly cancelled)

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User Info: Vic-Ferrari

7 years ago#1

According to this article:

User Info: zinsindetta

7 years ago#2
That sucks
Xbox live gamertag - SinZinDetta / PSN - SinZinDetta

User Info: Snake3232

7 years ago#3
the videos werent that good anyway =(

User Info: NoirLethal

7 years ago#4
looked like a bland gta clone, all well

User Info: rob101

7 years ago#5

this should be cancelled it looks really bad, I thought it was another open world style GTA rip and now it looks like a sims slash dance dance revolution rip which sounds as bad as the videos looked

User Info: jimbo913

7 years ago#6
Hmm... it doesn't come right out and say it, but I know where you are coming from. Not looking too good for this game :(

PSN ID: jimbo91375 , XBox Live Gamertag: jimbo91375
Wii FC: 6577 9737 1814 6813
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  3. This Is Vegas delayed again (possibly cancelled)

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