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User Info: CoinSlot76

7 years ago#1
I was perusing IGN and saw an interesting topic "Life Support: Games in Danger ". Amongst the games hanging in the balance is This is Vegas, I mentioned it to my friend (former Midway employee) and he got angry.

He said that Vegas was one of the games that helped tank Midway. He vented for about 30 minutes, saying that the Alpha build was horrendous and everyone was shocked on how bad it was- considering it was one of their properties that they kept dumping money into.

I asked "Was it at least Vice City?", he laughed and said "You have to have a city first". Adding that the city was lifeless, boxy with zombie NPC's roaming around. He said something about if the dirty Redstone deal didn't go down than Midway would still be here and Vegas would be that Duke Nukem Forever game that would never be. I asked him about all the videos and images, he said that they were all B.S., the videos were shot on stages within the game (like a movie set) and the images were all photoshop and 3D renders.

The more he said the more disappointed I because. The last thing he said that there was a little joke going on in the office, they called Vegas: This is Sh-t

User Info: Vic-Ferrari

7 years ago#2
Damnit! Damnit all to Hell!

User Info: Unicron6

7 years ago#3
uh'll be out in november after it is picked up by EA.
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