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User Info: miss_oldbag

9 years ago#1
I have this game and am in Europe - I think it's the same game, but it's called My Health Coach - a much more accurate name as it's mainly about healthy habits rather than losing weight!

May be an obvious question.... but when you enter the amount of time you spend doing certain activities, do you do this *in addition* to entering the pedometer data? I mean, walking/shopping etc is listed as one of the categories, but hasn't the game already recorded my steps for the day? I've been recording both, but can't help but feel it doesn't sound accurate to do this!

Also, I use the pedometer at the gym so when I'm on the bike it registers each rotation as a step! Is it fair to wear it then?

User Info: ysne58

9 years ago#2
Those are all good questions. I will be watching to see what answers people come up with. In the mean time, I would suggest wearing it even when on that bike until you get an answer.

User Info: ysne58

9 years ago#3
I did get the game. The booklet that came with the game does indicate that you should record both the pedometer and the activities.

I would continue to wear it when using the exercise bike. It does not appear to be an unfair way to use it.

User Info: snow_kissed

9 years ago#4
The pedometer records the steps you take. That is, the work you're doing with your lower body. Those light exercises are assuming that you are making use of your upper body - you're pumping your arms more when you are actually walking for exercise or you're lifting things and carrying shopping bags when shopping. So definitely record it in addition to the pedometer.

User Info: silver96camaro

8 years ago#5
i would say yes record both because the pedometer is just there to count steps and measure distance. you input the type of activities to measure calories burned.
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