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Galaxy map problem

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User Info: froggyisland

9 years ago#1

hi guys, i'm having prob with loading the galaxy map properly. everytime i try to open it, the game goes black and the map won't show up. the game will resume after i exit the map..i can't space travel cos of this problem and i'm stuck in Citadel ;'(

any1 with the same prob? how do i solve it? i can run the game very smoothly at highest quality, and the prob persists even after i change the video settings to lowest possible.

heellp! ;p thanks

User Info: mirage223

9 years ago#2
buy the game or a get a new crack

User Info: plastik01

9 years ago#3
If I'm not mistaken, this only happens with improperly cracked pirated copies of the game.

User Info: pkcRAISTLIN

9 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: loosecannon16

9 years ago#5
Get Vitality Crack pal.

User Info: wpcvenom

9 years ago#6

Pirated or not, problems can still occur within the software. I found a fix for you.

It may be illegal, this fix, but I know it works. When I installed my version(legal), my coomputer froze towards he installation end. It looked like it was fine, until I went to the galaxy map and it was black. Anywho! Lets fix your problem shall we?

You must do these IN ORDER:

1) Download Cheat Engine from here and install it.

2) Download this Mass Effect Cheat Chart here. Make sure you know where you put it!

3) Start Mass Effect as you normally would, without Cheat Engine running.

4) Once you get to the main menu, after the "press any key to start" menu, minimize Mass Effect.

5) Run Cheat Engine. In the top left of the menu, there are three square buttons. From left to right, there's the "select program button", then the "open" button, and finally the "save button". Select the middle button first(open), and open "MassEffect.CT", which is the cheat chart you just downloaded.

6) Now, out of the three buttons at the top again, press the one farthest to the left, which is the "select program" button. Scroll through the options until you find MassEffect.exe

7) While viewing the Cheat Engine menu, there will be a large list towards the bottom in a box, and they all say "No description". Select one of them, it doesn't matter which. Once you select it, press Ctrl+A to select all. Press the spacebar to check off every option, which allows them to run.

8 ) Minimize Cheat Engine, and bring Mass Effect back up. The galaxy map should work fine now.

What this did, is it has a crack/path/update, whatever you want to call it, which fixed the problem with the galaxy map. If you have any problems, post back!

User Info: LCTDeuce

9 years ago#7
zomg caught in the act lol

but yeah what loosecannon said
Its cool to hate on things that are popular
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