bonus talents?

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User Info: gameduck2

7 years ago#1
Some people say that in order to bring about a bonus talent, there are 2 conditions:

1. 150 kills.

2. Only apply to future games.

But what about other talents, such as electronics, biotics ect. ?

User Info: EnjoyMe

7 years ago#2
How many times you successfully use them on an enemy.
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User Info: gameduck2

7 years ago#3
It sounds like you have never used any bonus talent. It is said that your whole team ( or even all the games combined ) will count to the number 150. So it is possible.

User Info: Zondergrod

7 years ago#4
In my experience it must be done by you.
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User Info: Tzukasa7

7 years ago#5
Skills used by your squad members DO NOT count towards the acheivments that unlock the bonus skills to use on your next char. Your char (shepard) has to be the one that has and uses the skill. For electronics / hacking and all of the biotics like lift / throw / barrier it is use 75 times on an enemy(or in the case of barrier just use 75 times). For the weapons to unlock like shotgun / assault rifle its kill 150 enemys with that weapon.

But again none of the times your squad member uses that skill or makes a kill with a certain weapon counts towards the acheivement only shepards skill uses / kills do. Once you do unlock an acheivement it will only benefit the next char you make by allowing it to get that skill when the class you pick wouldnt normally get that skill. For example if your next char you create goes soldier you can give him lift or make an adept and give him shotgun. Also you next char is limited to choseing just one bonus skill. Cant give a soldier both lift and barrier only one or the other.

User Info: raptor1906

7 years ago#6
Start a new character as an Adept/Engineer/Soldier Those 3 pure classes allow you to unlock any ability you desire your your 'perfect' character. Biotic and Tech doesnt require kills just 75 successful. Weapons do require 150 kills however if you're importing weapons as a bonus skill on classes apart from Adepts then you're doing it wrong. Most people play as Soldier/Infiltrator/Vanguard.

Let me give you a tip. A started as an adept and kept of spamming Singuarity. Then eventually after 75 successful uses i unlocked its achievement then i imported it on a Vanguard. I suggest you forget about weapon achievements. Because they'll come automatically unless you are dying to play as an Adept.

User Info: Amokhunter

7 years ago#7
The count is correct, BUT the biotics are the only skills, that can simply be used and be done with. ALL tech abilities need a target to score a count. Most peole do their tech achievements on the two towers in Fist's encounter.

The Ally Achievements are a bit harder to get, as you have to actually play the game for quite a bit. If you rush trough the first mission and the Citadel to get your Ship without doing any sidequests (recommended, theese count towards the achievements!) and go get Liara ASAP you can get 2 Achievements after the 3rd - 4th main quest, while having cleared the galaxy of ANY sidequest. To be more precise...

1. Eden Prime
2. Citadel, go Choras Den, Talk to Harkin
3. Go to Med Clinic, recruit Garrus.
4. C-Sec, recruit Wrex
5. Choras Den, kill Fist, DO NOT pick up the OSD.
6. Rescue Tali
7. Become Spectre
8. Recue Liara
9. Choose Team you like/need and NEVER switch them out
10. Return to Citadel and start doing sidequests like a madman, do explore all systems and do all sidequests you can find. The two DLCs and their quests also help.
11. Do the Plot quests in any order you like, having done the first 3 should get you the Ally Achievement, just did it with Wrex and Garrus, not sure about Liara/Tali though, as there were a couple of plot quests, which had to be done to get to those two, so i expect them to unlock a bit later. And the easiest ones are, obviously, Kaidan and Williams, as they join you the earliest.
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