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User Info: vesper8

7 years ago#1

Hi everyone,

This morning as I was reading about the game and how it now allows you to share your generation codes for your character's face I decided to take a look around to see if anyone had already shared some good looking faces with their codes. And I found a few here and there but I realized these would be hard to find unless they were all added in a list somewhere.

So seeing as how I had some free time today I decided to whip up a quick website to handle this task!

This was done very quickly (took me about 3 hours) so I know it looks a bit ugly right now. I'll try and get one of my graphic designer friends to whip up a header or maybe even a full skin for it later this week. In the meantime well at least it's functional.

I'll be adding many improvements in the next days such as a search box, pagination, sorting and a rating system.

If you have any comments or suggestions I'd love to hear from you on this as well. I haven't added a contact link to the page yet but I will add a suggestion box soon. In the meantime feel free to reply to this thread.


Here's the link :

Please spread the word / link on other forums or threads? I'd hate to see my efforts goto waste and have nobody visit the site.


User Info: FScell

7 years ago#2
Great idea.
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User Info: xLexLuth0rx

7 years ago#3
Very cool idea. I'll be sure to add mine once I'm up and running...

User Info: vesper8

7 years ago#4

Thanks guys :) that's great!

Here's a clickable link btw.. didn't know we could use html in these.

User Info: AdvancEX3

7 years ago#5
Well, here's hoping for a Bruce Lee face. Or Stephen Colbert.

User Info: vesper8

7 years ago#6
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: MadLaughter

7 years ago#7
Looks great.
I'm with CoCo

User Info: liquld1985

7 years ago#8
sticky request
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User Info: GreenSnake85

7 years ago#9
Very good idea
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User Info: King_Chiba

7 years ago#10
Great idea, i figured one of these sites would appear as soon as i seen that you could export faces to a code. I'm currently recording this game for my youtube channel to upload after the actual release. If anyone wants i will try and recreate his face and post the code.
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