Mass Effect 2 Sound/Audio Cutting out problems.

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User Info: Makasuro

7 years ago#1
Well, I got the game yesterday and it's absolutely amazing, except for one little detail. The sound will randomly cut out on me when it feels like. Sometimes it comes back in a second, sometimes it takes several minutes. Sometimes there's a weird distortion effect before it cuts out and before it comes back. Sometimes when it comes back the localization of the sounds is all screwed up. For the record, the graphics are smooth as butter and I have everything maxed out. There are no graphical skips or pauses when the sound stops and starts back up.

My system specs:
Windows 7 Ultimate (All updates installed)
Q6600 @ 3.0ghz
Asus P5N32-E Sli (680i Chipset) w/ 1801 bios and nVidia 15.51 nForce Chipset drivers.
2x2Gb Corsair DDR2 800
BGF GTX 285 w/ 196.21 Drivers
WD 320 Gb dir model WD3200AAKS
X-Fi XtremeGamer w/ 2.18.0013 driver
Onboard SoundMax sound w/ Windows HD audio drivers or SoundMax 6110 drivers

What I have done to troubleshoot:

Clean reinstall of sound card drivers. This involves uninstalling old drivers, running driver cleaner pro, and registry cleaner. Reinstalling drivers (updated if available)

Tried a different sound card, by using the SoundMax OnBoard sound.

Reinstalling the game 3 times.

Tweaking the sound to work at various sample rates as well as different speaker setups.

Downloading a hex editor and trying to apply the same fix that seemed to work for some people in ME1 for ME2, which involves modifying the .ini file (Coalesced.ini for ME2 BioEngine.ini for ME1) to change the number of channels from 32 to 64. A hex editor is required as there is a checksum check and editing the files in either notepad or word results in the game not starting up.

Trying different drivers for each of the sound cards, and reinstalling drivers for everything on the system.

Trying different combinations of CMSS3D, speaker configurations, samplerates, etc...

Installed the game on a separate computer to rule out any corrupted files, it worked fine on the second computer.

Utilized dpclat to monitor the bandwidth for audio streaming and determined that the latency/bandwidth with the I/O controllers is not an issue.

Played other games for extended periods of time with no sound issues.

Scratch my head in amazement because I have absolutely not idea what is causing this problem. Please help me citizens of the internet for this problem is absolutely game breaking and I want to experience this amazing game.

Thanks, Maka

User Info: Nova_Satori

7 years ago#2
did you try unchecking the option in windows sound settings that says "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device"

User Info: Makasuro

7 years ago#3
Yes, I did that as well. No luck.

User Info: Makasuro

7 years ago#4

I guess no one has any further suggestions?


User Info: CountCristo

7 years ago#5
You most likely have done this since you've changed the sample rate, but have you changed the hardware acceleration? It's in the same tab as sample rate, unless we're talking about different things.
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