precise way to save your crew? (spoilers)

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User Info: jeremycards

7 years ago#1
so, just finished, was kind of sad about kelly's death. I was wondering if somebody knew for sure a way to save the crew. Some say its about how fast you run opening the doors for the tecnician, and other's say its about how much time you take after they are abducted (wich seems more reasonable wich sucks because i already did many quests before my save...)

So anybody knows for sure wich is correct?

User Info: BlackMantis

7 years ago#2
I see a lot of people who had everyone survive say that they picked Legion to go through the pipes, Jack to hold the barrier, Garrus to lead the teams, and someone with extensive combat training to lead the rest of the crew back to the Normandy.

In my playthrough, I had full loyalty and everything upgraded on the ship. I sent Jacob through the pipes and Zaeed take the second group. Jacob got shot in the head and Zaeed survived.

I then had Jack hold the barrier and Grunt take the second group. Jack survived, Grunt got killed.

With the final team, I took Mordin and Thane. Both survived.

I played as a renegade, so the rest of the crew (secondary characters) got killed because I refused to send someone with them.
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User Info: mbchudno

7 years ago#3
in my play-through i sent Tali through pipes as tech specialist, Miranda was always leading the secondary teams, Samara was holding barrier, and Zaeed got crew back to the ship. None of them died, but for some reason Mordin died in the very end. They did not even show me how he died. Just his body before the end of the game. Maybe because i was taking sweet time with killing final boss... Still not sure yet. Play-through was somewhat balanced (half renegade, half paragon). Full loyalty, upgrades...etc.

User Info: Caladfwich

7 years ago#4
It's based on your quest amount, if you want Kelly to survive, you will have to get legion loyalty quest done ASAP and hit the omega 4, without delaying for other side quests.

User Info: morgonstjarnan

7 years ago#5

I had a Paragon Soldier character with almost as much in Renegade. Pretty balanced. I had every character survive the suicide mission, including the doctor and the psychologist on the ship.

The second the ship was attacked, I followed after the Collectors. I had Legion infiltrate the ventilation system and do hacking. I had Garrus lead the two separate away teams, since I think he has the best command ability and experience. I used the Justicar to use her biotics to get me through the stinger field. I had Thane escort the doctor and other crew members back to the ship, as I figured he could kill anything that moved.

Biggest thing for me, however, was that I had completed every character's side quests and had each and every one of them Loyal to me. Likewise, I had done every possible ship upgrade research, and done all the little side quests. Kinda weird, but even after doing all that I was only like level 23-24 or something like that. I also finished the romance with Tali.

I think the secret is as follows: Don't wait to build up your forces after your crew is captured, follow after immediately. Get everyone loyal BEFORE the Omega 4 kidnapping. Get all ship upgrades as well. Then you're golden.

User Info: snot_boogie

7 years ago#6

Do no missions after your crew is kidnapped. You can, however, go around buying upgrades from Illium, Citadel etc.

Get all offensive/defensive ship upgrades as well as squad personal upgrades at least.

Vents: Tali or Legion

Fire Team 1: Miranda or Garrus

Crew Escort: Grunt or Mordin (I don't know who else, I suspect anyone will do for this choice)

Fire Team 2: Garrus or Miranda

User Info: snot_boogie

7 years ago#7

Oh yeah, I used Jack for the barrier but I think any biotic will do.

Anyone not loyal will die.

User Info: BlackMantis

7 years ago#8
Anyone not loyal will die.

I had everyone loyal but Jacob got shot in the head and Grunt succumbed to his injuries while leading a team. I guess it could have been a lot worse, but still, I really felt attached to the characters and was disappointed to see them die.
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User Info: gmgo

7 years ago#9
I've completed the game TWICE, and in both cases I saved everyone. Only the first time I lost some minor crew members because I took too long.

First of all:

- Have all Loyalties, and all upgrades. Ship upgrades help you survive the initial sequence. Personal upgrades make each character more viable to survive the task assaigned to them.

- Take no time: Once you do the IFF mission (where you get Legion), you have 2 side missions more to do before the kidnapping event triggers. From that point, the longer you take doing more side missions, the more crew members will die. So if you want to save them all you have to go right ahead with the rescue.

In other words: DO EVERYTHING you need BEFORE going to the IFF mission. Then get Legion's loyalty missions as soon as you can. And after the kidnapping of your crew, go right away to the suicide mission.

- Assign the proper task: Here is who I assign each member:
Technichian: TALI on both.
Lead second squad: Miranda on both.

Lead Crew members back: First time, Mordin, Second time Taylor. Both survived.
Lead defense: First time: Taylor, second time Miranda. Both survived.
Biotic Barrier: First time: Samara, second time Jack. Both survived.

I think it all has to do with being suitable for the job (Samara and Jack are both suitable for the biotic task, but not Taylor for example) AND having them loyal and upgraded.

Congrats on saving the entire crew.
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