Help with Tech Specialist in final mission pls

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User Info: dreamcleaver

7 years ago#1
I'm srsly pissed off to Bioware right now. They just had to **** up the ending after all. I wouldn't bother with all this if I didn't knew they will pull another "carry over your decisions to the next game" for ME3.

So here is my situation. I've completed the game once but I had to do Legion's loyalty quest before jumping the Omega 4 relay and this caused a lot of my abducted ppl to die (I knew this is gonna happen, stupid Bioware). He as a tech specialist survived the first part in the shaft. (Mordin died at the very end of the mission for no apparent reason but I don't even care anymore).

So now I'm redoing the final mission but this time Legion is not loyal yet. The other tech specialists I've tried so far are all dying at the end of the first part where they have to close the door (they get a rocket in the head). So far Tali and Garrus is a no go (they were both loyal & stuff).

Since there is of course no auto-save or quick save possibility before the part you select the tech specialist I have to rewatch the whole video from the omega 4 relay jump again & again and it is getting on my nerves.

So pls answer me:
1. Who is not ******* dying as a tech specialist except Legion?
2. Can this part be done with Legion if they are not loyal?

Thx in advance. I need to go and vent. **** Bioware.

User Info: Infinite-Zr0

7 years ago#2

User Info: Nova_Satori

7 years ago#3

check to make sure you got all upgrades

User Info: FScell

7 years ago#4
How is it that so many people failed to fit in Legions loyalty quest before the IFF was installed.
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User Info: hylozoist

7 years ago#5

Well technically I guess there were spoilers in the thread already, but oh well. Can't hurt to add tag.

Supposedly, who you select as the first fire team leader can affect whether the specialist lives at the end. I've not done it yet with non-loyal team members though, so I'm not entirely sure how that affects the outcome. Who have you been selecting as team leader? Most people recommend Jacob or Garrus. Try sending Mordin as escort to save him, or bringing him on the final team otherwise.

User Info: Watersurge

7 years ago#6
FSell: The IFF can go online instantly if you try to fly anywhere before waking up Legion. This screwed me over on my latest playthrough.

User Info: dreamcleaver

7 years ago#7
hylozoist: I've chosen Samara as the second team leader in both death cases. Miranda said she was a perfect choice. I've chosen her because she must be very experienced with her almost 1000 years.

The first time around when Legion was the tech specialist I've used Garrus as the second leader. Maybe I try him again.

Oh God I wish there was a save possibility before selecting the tech specialist..

User Info: PuppetSoul

7 years ago#8
Go to c:\program files\mass effect 2\biogame\movies\, and rename all the files that start out "EndGm1_Whatever.bik" to "EndGm1_Whatever.bik.old".

It'll then skip over all the cutscenes between starting the Omega4 jump and selecting the tech specialist.

Then if you want to see those scenes again, drop the .old extension off the end.
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User Info: dreamcleaver

7 years ago#9
Thx for the tip.

Well chosing Garrus for second leader solved the tech specialist problem. Mordin stayed alive if sent to escort the crew to the Normandy. Everything would be fine and dandy if Legion didn't die in the last moment just for the heck of it. srsly this ****...

I wonder what if I bring the unloyal Legion with me for the final battle. I bet he falls down of the platform or dies from the debrish or whatever.

Good job Biowae on forcing me not to do his loyalty quest. Maybe I do a 2nd palythrough in the very very very distant future but doubtful. I'll just dl a save for ME3...

User Info: ChickenLiverNut

7 years ago#10
this thread is full of whine
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