Best Squad Members for an Adept?

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User Info: Zweikin

7 years ago#1

Hey, I just decided to go back and play my Adept on a higher difficultly and found that I'm finally seeing the limitations of essentially being a space mage. There's not a lot that I can do to change that, so I need to rely a lot more on my team memeber than I would if I was a soldier. So I'm wondering if anyone has any reccomendations for teammates that compliment the Adept.

So far I've found that Grunt does an amazing job soaking up damage, especially for Fortification. As for the second person, I'm drawing a blank.

User Info: myztikrice

7 years ago#2
Miranda is good for the squad health bonus, and access to both Warp and Overload.
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User Info: oranhunter

7 years ago#3
I liked miranda/jacob on insanity, but someone other than jacob might have been better. someone like garrus, or jack. I don't know
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User Info: Ginjur

7 years ago#4
I found Miranda for squad health and grunt as a insane super tank pretty solid (with upgraded forti).

Altho for some reason Grunt totally sucked with a vind rifle, but owned with a normal upgraded assault rifle. =d

User Info: Elemenope

7 years ago#5
I'm an adept doing hardcore and I used Samara and Grunt, and gave them my squad AP ammo (+50% dmg to armor and health). They both can use assault rifles, which makes them actually useful with guns. Samara is there just for reave, it does SO much damage to armor. Its like 3 heavy warps. Grunt has concussive shot for barriers, and also he just never dies, he has so much health. I give them geth pulse rifles if I need to take out enemies with lots of shields, avengers if I need to take out lots of husks, and battle rifles for anything else
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User Info: El_Dukayy

7 years ago#6

I use Grunt usually because he can take a lot of punishment. For the other, it depends on what type of enemy I will be fighting on the mission. Try to make sure you have some type of squad ammo bonus up at all times so pick and choose who can add that for you.

User Info: Severian113

7 years ago#7
Garrus and Miranda. One have Overload and Squad armor piercing ammo and the other has Overload, Warp, and squad weapon bonuses.

User Info: KudZu

7 years ago#8
I'm partial to either Samara/Garrus or Garrus/Grunt depending on how much long-range fighting I'll be doing.
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