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User Info: aerionop

7 years ago#1
So after experimenting with the newest update to Gibbed's Save Editor, I've made possible that which irked me to no end for not being there: glowing blue paragon eyes.

Technically they're not "glowing", more like reflecting light:

when you're in a dark place there's no glowing:

While it may not be perfect, some scenes look just awesome:

note: the color can be any possible one from the spectrum, yellow/golden eyes make Shep look like a space vampire.

If anyone's interested in the exact values needed for this trick, ask away and I'll make a small guide for it.

User Info: Brainhunter

7 years ago#2
Is this mod scaled with your Paragon bar?

It would be awesome to see Shepard's eyes tingle with a faint blue light when your character is slightly Paragon, and vivid like Renegade Shepard's eyes when he's become fully aligned towards one attribute.
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User Info: someone

7 years ago#3
Very interested. Please post the specifics to achieving this effect.
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User Info: CheeseItBaggins

7 years ago#4
Regardless of whether or not I'll use it, this is really awesome, and should've been in the game from the start.

User Info: aerionop

7 years ago#5
First get Gibbed's Save Editor rev25 fom and extract it to a folder.
Open the program and then open a save file

The saves are located in your documents "Bioware/Mass Effect 2/Save/<character>/", I used the quicksave. Remember to do a backup first.

Go to the "Raw" tab, then 2. Squad > Player > Appearance > Morph Head > Vector Parameters and click the "..." button

A window will appear with a few parameters for your head, skin tone, eye white color (which can be modified for solid-looking eyes with this same method), hair color, etc.
You're interested in "EYE_Iris_Colour_Vector", click on it then click on the + on the right side

Here you have the values for the eye color in simple RGBA

A is Alpha, leave it alone; Red Green and Blue are what you want to modify

- - - - -
Use this website to get the proper value for the exact colors you want:

On the drop-down list next to "Select your data color space..." select "RGB 0-1"
The 3 fields below it represent Red Green and Blue, maximum for each field is 1.0 minimum is 0.0.
The blue that I used in my first examples would be [0.1] [0.4] [1], gold would be [1] [0.8] [0.3], then multiplied by 100 for the save editor.
- - - - -

Modify the values to your heart's content then click on OK and overwrite the old one (you made a backup hopefully).

I hope Imageshack keeps these up long enough ¬_¬

User Info: Jonatan L

Jonatan L
7 years ago#6
I was just playing with this myself.

Hit the Raw tab and scroll down to Squad -> Player -> Appearance -> Morph Head -> Vector Parameters. Click the [...] button and another window will open.

On the left side of the second window, find the EYE_Iris_Colour_Vector entry. (It's number five on the list, at least for me.) Then, on the right side, hit the plus sign next to Value. The menu will expand. The R, G and B entries are for red, green and blue, and presumably go from 0 to 255 (but I haven't tested going higher) and higher numbers mean more glow. The character in the pic above has B 228, G 6 and R1.

Right below that one, you'll find HED_Hair_Colour_Vector. As you may guess, it controls hair colour (the character in my pic has a 1 in every field for white hair).

I believe the default values are all below 1 (typically something like 0.431212), so anything from 1 and above may have a tendency to look glowy under certain conditions. But then again, that may be exactly what you want.
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User Info: Jonatan L

Jonatan L
7 years ago#7
Heh, and someone else goes and posts instructions while I'm fiddling about, and does it better too. Figures.
"Starting a war is not a rational thing to do. Cool off in the dungeon for a while!"

User Info: aerionop

7 years ago#8
Heh, I'm an image guy, easier to understand.

Anyway, playing with the skintone and eyewhite colors nets some interesting effects.

Fancy playing as Dr. Manhattan? (cba to search for a bald head mesh or to start a new char just to demonstrate this)

User Info: aerionop

7 years ago#9
Oh and you can go much farther than 255, although the effects don't seem much too different. The maximum number for standard colors is 1, minimum 0.
Still, if it's just the eyes you want to modify you don't need a lot to look like Muad'dib.

Also note, the same thing works for the armor colors in the Coalesced.ini. Any number past 2 for the colors will make the armor/armor decorations glow in the light.
In this image I made a base absolute black color (R=0,G=0,B=0,A=1.000000) and a glowing blue decoration color (R=0.40,G=2.85,B=9,A=1.000000)

I want an edit button dammit >.<

User Info: imaguy2

7 years ago#10
i would've have liked paragon eyes
but nope, being good is too boring
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