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User Info: EVOLV3

7 years ago#1

Alright, well if your party survives the suicide mission you are able to continue the game with them finishing sidequests and whatever else. Assuming Mass Effect 3 takes place fairly soon after Mass Effect 2 what do you think will happen with the crew? Would Bioware give you a crew with majority of the people from Mass Effect 2? New crew entirely again? If its the latter I hope they do it in a clever way instead of just some reaper attack or whatever that wipes them out. Anyway, what do you guys think will happen with the crew in ME3?

User Info: Sparda X

Sparda X
7 years ago#2
I'm hoping it'll be the crew of who survived ME2 + Liara and Ashley/Kaidan. I'd love to have Wrex again but given his current responsibilities I doubt he'll be joining Shepard.
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User Info: Masharad

7 years ago#3
I doubt Wrex would be joining Shepard as a party member. If ME3 has the grand showdown like I suspect, and if you kept the Genophage cure, he'll probably be at the head of a new Krogan horde as part of a multi-species fleet.

User Info: Lwaxana_Troi

7 years ago#4
I have a feeling the only character from a past game that will join you is Ashley/Kaiden (depending on who you saved).

User Info: Costanza_K

7 years ago#5
I think that whatever crew remains alive and on your ship will have bonuses for them to do in ME3. You know, side missions to explore more about the characters and a little boost to their abilities or contribution to the overall game. As for individuals...


He will stay, because he's boring and has no where else to go.

Most likely she'll stay, even if Shepard cuts ties with Cerberus. Loyalty mission will ensure she stays.

Will most likely return to his clinic, where you will have to find him again in the next game.

Will stay. Shepard is his inspiration to doing greater things and he still has the mental scars from losing his team.

If you have casual sex, Jack will leave and become a villain you face in the future, maybe with persuasion options. If you get Jack's loyalty, maybe even a full relationship, then Jack will most likely stick around. Doesn't have a better place to go to, but Jack may decide to intentionally go to a worse place.

Goes back to Asari space and comes when called, helping to persuade the Asari to help Shepard. Rerecruitable squad member.

Pretends to be Samara.

Hard to tell. If found innocent, Tali may end up on the Admiralty board. There was a hint to that. But more likely she will stay with Shepard and be a link to the Flotilla and the final act of the Quarians vs the Geth.

Returns to his people, and will become an ambassador to Shepard and the Alliance/Council in the future.

Independent contact with a mission, to help him kill the Blue Sun's leader. Probably not going to be of any real importance at any time. Optional.

Either stays with you or goes to serve with his clan on Tuchanka. Rerecruitable, since Krogan go wherever there's a fight.

His condition degenerates and he is hospitalized. Comes back with assisted breathing device for one last adventure. Dies in ME3.

Well, that's my guess at least.

User Info: mbchudno

7 years ago#6
considering how little real impact ME1 choices had on ME2, i seriously doubt they will have any effect on the team for ME3. One can always hope that all that talk about creating own story over multiple games were not empty marketing bla-bla-bla....

User Info: Sungrey

7 years ago#7
Most likely she'll stay, even if Shepard cuts ties with Cerberus. Loyalty mission will ensure she stays.

My problem with Miranda staying from a story or in-universe perspective is Cerberus was responsible for relocating her sister and her family. If she cuts ties with Cerberus, they could out her sister's location to her father or do something else much worse. I would think that Mirando would, therefore, stay with Cerberus to keep her sister safe.

User Info: redness19

7 years ago#8
My feeling is that Zhaeed, Samara/Morinth and the other DLC character will NOT be in ME3.

The new DLC character will probably be just as disposible as Zhaeed. If Samara/Morinth were in ME3, you can assume Bioware would have to make 2 seperate storylines for her. That seems like too much work. She's easily disposed of anyway. Samara either leaves to find more injustice or Mortinth leaves because, well she's Morinth.

That leaves 3 spaces. It seems too simple but they could be replaced with Wrex, Liara and Ashley/Kaiden.
G T- Redness19

User Info: Kaezar_Kaze

7 years ago#9
Several thousand years worth of time skip has the amazing effect of reducing all these characters to merely being referenced by new characters in ME3.

2 years to ME2, 2 millennium to ME3.
*un-tan! un-tan! un-tan!*

User Info: unusmundus

7 years ago#10
it could take years... i mean...

how long do you think until the reapers get here using the scenic route? ^_^
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