Mr. Thax

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User Info: Blitzkrieg94

7 years ago#1
What's the point of the Mr. Thax issue on Illium? All I really know is that asari being really smug in the transportation hub, and later she gets really panicky when I forward the message that his shipment is missing. Then the krogan agent for Thax (who deserves a top hat and monocle) tells me how gratetful Thax is. Why does that give me renegade points?

User Info: mkprovince

7 years ago#2
You just screwed a couple of people's life?
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User Info: Poifection

7 years ago#3
They screwed their own lives. You were just the messenger; Mr. Thax would have noticed eventually. Besides, it's hard to feel sorry for them when they were so smug about their theft.
They can invent heat dampening systems, mass drivers and huge spacestations, yet can't seem to install a timed feeding system on a fishtank. Go figure.

User Info: The_Mobius

7 years ago#4
By the way, that Krogan was unsettlingly polite.
Black Clouds and Silver Linings-June 23

User Info: Poifection

7 years ago#5
Also: Mr. Thax _promised_ he would just use words. Now I've never seen this Mr. Thax, but I have a strong inclination to believe him. That's just how Mr. Thax is. Case in point: he has hired what could be the most polite Krogan in the galaxy. Mr. Thax is nothing but class.
They can invent heat dampening systems, mass drivers and huge spacestations, yet can't seem to install a timed feeding system on a fishtank. Go figure.

User Info: Blitzkrieg94

7 years ago#6
Like I said, that krogan needed a top hat and a mustache.

User Info: aak57

7 years ago#7
Mr. Thax's Krogan needs three things:

A top hat, a monocle and to be a playable character in ME3. Or at least a member of the party.

User Info: Gustavo13

7 years ago#8
you just gave me images of a Krogan in the place of dramatic chipmunk

oh that would be rather delightful, rather
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User Info: Masharad

7 years ago#9
aak57, ask and you shall receive.

User Info: veramis

7 years ago#10

Mr. Thax's associate might not have "blood rage". Codex entry:

The supremely resilient, hyper-violent blood rage is the synergy of two aspects of krogan neurology. The first aspect is a positive feedback loop in which adrenalin,also activated by fear or rage, suppresses serotonin, the brain chemical that induces serenity. The second is the over-developed krogan limbic system. In krogan, as in humans, fear or rage shifts mental control from the frontal lobes, responsible for reasoning, to the limbic system, responsible for aggression and survival. During that shift, krogan and humans exhibit diminished capacity for logic and self-control.

Prior to the ecological devastation of Tuchanka, blood rage was extremely rare among the krogan. Back then, while all krogan were capable of heightened anger and violence in fight-or-flight scenarios, almost none experienced insensitivity to pain. The one percent who did were those suffering serotonin-suppression. At that time, krogan society regarded the condition as pathological, and medicated or imprisoned sufferers to protect them and society.

Following nuclear ecocide four millenia ago, evolution selected only those krogan afflicted with blood rage for survival. Today there is no living memory among the krogan of a life without mindless, murderous fury.

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