Who do I send into the shaft?

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User Info: Gater29

7 years ago#11

Being loyal DOES NOT mean that a character can't die. It just means that they are LESS LIKELY to die. This also factors with what you send them to do. Each character is good at certain things and is more likely to survive doing those things. On my first playthrough, every single character was loyal. I sent Legion through the vent, and he got killed. Miranda led my fire team and was killed. Grunt was killed escorting the prisoners back (not really sure how that happened lol) and Mordin was killed in the final firefight.

User Info: amneziach

7 years ago#12
Yeah that's how my Grunt died too. I only lost him and Miranda, but I was kind of disappointed that nothing else happened and Tali doesn't say anything else interesting. there's no way to make money now cause all the missions are over, so there's nothing really to do. I'm hoping there will be some more expansions coming out soon...

User Info: Deaths_Blade

7 years ago#13
On my first playthrough I had everyone survive. It's so easy to keep everyone alive, I'm not sure why this is even a consideration?
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User Info: Dyndrilliac

7 years ago#14
I really don't understand how people can have problems with this. It is in all honesty, incredibly easy.

Imagine that the decision of whether characters live or die is based upon a series of points. If the points, when added up cumulatively, are high enough everyone will survive the mission. You get points for researching upgrades, making sure everyone is loyal prior to the mission, and sending the right people to do the right jobs. If you don't have enough points so that everyone will live, team members will begin to die in a predefined order that does not change. However this is only true during the mission. The section where you fight the defense drone that breaches the hull and Joker has to crash land the ship is separate from the mission, and characters can die independent of the special order. Also, characters who successfully complete their tasks cannot be included in the order and are skipped. Let's look at a few examples.

If you fail to research the enhanced Asari ship armor, there is a good chance Jack (among a couple other characters, but she has the highest probability) will die during the crash landing.

Normally the order of how people die during the mission is preset and can't be changed. Mordin will always be the first person to die. However, it is possible to prevent that by taking Mordin out of the equation. For example, if you send Mordin back with the crew to the ship and he is Loyal, he now can't die during the firefight and the first person to die will be the next most likely candidate, which I believe if memory serves is Tali. There is a lot more info at the ME2 wiki, but you get the idea. Also, whoever you sent through the vent shaft - if they were loyal, and they had the right skills and expertise to effectively infiltrate the complex, they are now exempt from the death selection.

I thus found it easiest to send Mordin with the crew, Kasumi down the shaft, and brought Tali with me to the final fight. In this way, none of those three characters can die so long as they are loyal. These also happen to be the characters most likely to die, so if you want to make it through with everyone alive you should only leave the characters with the best chances of surviving the fight to do the battle. Take the most frail characters with you or send them to do other tasks (vent, go with crew, etc).

My first playthrough, only one person died - Mordin. On my second complete playthrough no one died, because this time I knew to send Mordin back with the crew. However, I could have achieved the same effect by taking Mordin with me to the final battle and sending Tali back with the crew.
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User Info: amneziach

7 years ago#15
Yeah I can see how it seems easy now. but it didn't help me when I lost the loyalty of Miranda and then Zaeed. I could have easily gone back and fixed both of these, but it seemed to me that there would be a chance to fix it later in the game- so I didn't fix it. I didn't think they would just leave me hangin like that- but they did. As far as the last mission, I could probably go back and fix that- but Miranda will still die- and I'm kind of a perfectionist... I could go always go back and fix my loyalty with Miranda but that's a looooong ways back. Anyway, does anyone know if there will be any more expansions? that may give me the will to go back...

User Info: Salvatore

7 years ago#16
You really want everyone to be loyal. If they are, then it gets much easier to save everybody - just buy all the ship upgrades, use the right team leaders, and ensure you leave your more soldier-like teammates (Garrus, Grunt, Zaeed, etc) to hold the line on the last section. You'll be fine then.
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User Info: ThePoetSoldier

7 years ago#17
i get everyone to to survive, its easy if you have all ship upgrades and all characters loyal.

I sent legion into the vent, Garrus was fire team leader.
when i found the crew i made Mordin escort them
had samara do the biotic bubble and chose garrus as second team leader again
and for the final fight i chose Jack and Tali

everytime i finish the game like this everyone lives

User Info: Sinidrec

7 years ago#18
Everybody up above is correct. I just beat the game on Insanity and I didn't lose anyone. With my Sentinel I sent Legion into the Pipe. I kept Miranda and Tali with me (Simply because they're the two I choose to have with me) With Garrus leading the Fire Squad.

In the second tier I had Mordin escort the survivors simply because he was well.. the most useless member of the crew. Then I had Jacob lead the second party with Samara being the next key character.

In the final conflict it took some time but I eventually killed the boss off. One thing about Sentinels, can't do sh*t for damage but damn are they tough.

I managed to do the whole Suicide Mission, on Insanity, without a single death. Mind you I have none of the DLC downloaded. I got all the upgrades possible, and I have all the ship upgrades.. save for the Med-Bay. I've done all the loyalty missions. I'm a perfectionist myself and not having a loyal companion isn't really what I'd call a perfected mission. So that's that.

Just keep trying fella, hopefully we've assisted you in your plight here!

P.S Sentinels Rule
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User Info: Kensai_Arkusai

7 years ago#19
to give a briefer breakdown. get all upgrades, have all loyal.


Vent hackers: Legion, Tali or Kasumi. Everyone else is poor at this and will result in deaths.

Leaders: Garrus, Jacob or Miranda. All others are poor at the job and will lead to deaths.

Biotic Shielder: Samara or Jack. Maybe others, but I know those two work.

Best Send back with crew: Mordin, Tali, Kasumi.

Worst for holding the Line at final Boss: Mordin, Tali, Kasumi
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