What's the best romance for a paragon, male shepard? (SPOILERS)

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User Info: MasterCell

6 years ago#1
I romanced Ashley in the first game, but she really pissed me off at Horizon. I can't believe that she wouldn't even talk to me for more than 2 minutes, just because I was working with Cerberus. So, I think ready for my male shep to move on.

I'm at the point in the game where I can pursue Tali, Jack, or Miranda.

So, what's the best relationship (story-wise) for my character? Or should I stick with Ashley and see if anything happens in ME3?

User Info: MasterCell

6 years ago#2
I should also mention that I'm only through the collector ship, and I haven't done the IFF yet.

So please, try to minimize spoilers from after the collector ship.

User Info: fsunolez75

6 years ago#3
It's your game, play it how you want. And Bioware has said that the 3 possible romances from the first game will return in the 3rd game (well, except for the one that can't return because of the choice made in the first game). So it's up to you it you want to stay loyal to her, or move on. Either way, you'll deal with Ashley in the 3rd game.
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User Info: lalala_la

6 years ago#4
I would just stick with Ashley. Miranda is weird. Jack is even more weird. And Tali is friend-zone territory.

User Info: Chris233

6 years ago#5
whoever you want
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User Info: 0ut0fAmmo

6 years ago#6
If you really want to stick to a fictional character in a video game, romance Miranda. It's a big "F U" to Ashley.
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User Info: Poppadop

6 years ago#7
You may as well stick with Ash. You can't really blame her [or Kaidan] for blowing up at Shep. Make no mistake: Cerberus is still the bad guys.
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User Info: Pandaren Emperor

Pandaren Emperor
6 years ago#8
upto you really, it might be worth seeing what happens in ME3 if you stayed loyal to her.

otherwise, you can go for any of them, as no matter paragon or renegade, you can guide them towards your view and the final romance scene will show that both of you are happy.

on a side note, you can also go for kelly, and that will not affect your current relationship at all. Also, if you want to try Samara, just remember it won't work out due to her Justicar honor code.
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User Info: Patriarch105

6 years ago#9
Ashley to me was the renegade choice in ME1.

For a true romance Paragon to Renegade I think it goes

Tali --------Jack------------Miranda------Jack(Not technicly a romance)

Now wait for my reasoning before you say "Oh man Jack she seems like the evil choice"

Tali obviously is the most good out of all 3 girls thats why she's paragon BUT what kind of paragon do you wnaa be!!!

See Jack's romance involves her changing her evil ways. So while yes Tali as a person is more good doing Jack's romance DOES more good because now she won't be evil.

As far as the romances are concerned Miranda is the most evil but really she's the neutral choice. As Jack was ment to come off as the evil choice but you "FIX" Jack.
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