Infiltrator or Soldier?

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User Info: LoserCrusader25

6 years ago#1
hey, I just finished ME1 and bought this game and I need advice for class. I really like combat based classes - I really enjoyed being the tank in the game who could dish back the damage. I've heard the sentinel is the tank in this game though, but I don't really like the weapon choices. I like medium-long distance shooting, so I figured infiltrator might be a good choice and that is why I passed over vanguard (heard you die too much, not a fan of shotguns).

But I've also been told soldiers can use the sniper rifle just as effectively with Adrenaline Rush and get better damage bonuses. Plus, I heard some Infiltrator powers like Cryo and AI hacking aren't that useful (incinerate sounds good though). But as a player, I like being able to take damage and deal it as well. Cloaking sounds really useful to get away from fire, but is it annoying trying to find sniper ammo too? Also, i heard revenant was simply worth being a soldier for.

Also to note, I will probably only play through this game once. So which class would be the best for one good playthrough?

User Info: Achernar135

6 years ago#2
Infiltrators are definitely better snipers because while their natural slowdown and Adrenaline Rush are similar, Infiltrators have the added bonus of not having to worry about any enemy fire while setting up the headshot, and they get a significant damage bonus.

AI Hacking and Cryo Ammo are situationally useful. If you're going to play an Infiltrator effectively, you should spend that Eezo and re-spec a lot.

There's no such thing as "sniper ammo". All heat clips are the same.

User Info: masterZ

6 years ago#3
For sniper gameplay, I like Soldiers better than Infiltrators. The whole point of picking the Widow is to start getting one-hit-kills on enemies. On Insanity, and by the time you reach Insanity, the Infiltrator's damage passive ability alone won't be enough to get those kills. You will be getting shot while aiming as a Soldier, but with Heightened AR time slows so much it really doesn't matter.

If you want a more combat-oriented class then you should take the Soldier. My favorite way to play the Infiltrator thus far is to set up flanks on the enemy (i.e., pick strategic positions to attack and hold). Soldiers have enough firepower to easily steamroll through a map. They also have the highest health stat out of all 6 classes, and especially with the number of times you will be using AR, damage really won't be an issue.

As for Revenant vs. Widow, again, depends on your preference. I simply prefer the Widow because you get to take the Mattock and abuse those ammo abilities.

User Info: UndinEntite

6 years ago#4
Being shot at while getting your shot actually works out to be a good thing a lot of the time. As an Infiltrator it is not uncommon for enemies to duck behind cover because they don't have a target when cloaking.
Soldiers are also better able to deal damage, since Adrenaline Rush stacks multiplicatively with other damage modifiers. Others, like tactical cloak work additively.

Revenant is highly overrated. If you have the Mattock, it has a higher damage output if you can get headshots. The spread on the Revenant's fire is also terrible, you'll be hard pressed to hit something more than 5 metres from Shepard. Only thing it really has going for it is the ability to spray the battlefield with its huge ammo stores.

User Info: LoserCrusader25

6 years ago#5
"There's no such thing as "sniper ammo". All heat clips are the same."

Yes, I know this. But I've heard ammo for the sniper rifle is not plentiful, so I was concerned that there would be many situations where I couldn't use the rifle if out of ammo (and forced to use pistols, SMGS).

I think I'll try the soldier, but it just seems like the abilities are wasted on it. Is just having adrenaline rush fun enough to last the whole game? I guess infiltrator doesn't have that much more with cloak (incinerate could be cool to have I guess). Maybe I should pick soldier for the first playthrough and unlock bonus powers?

User Info: LoserCrusader25

6 years ago#6
Or conversely, should I play through infiltrator first and get a bonus power for the soldier so that class seems less bland on future playthroughs?

User Info: masterZ

6 years ago#7
If this is your first playthrough you might as well play as a Soldier. If there's any class that has no need for bonus powers, it's the Soldier. Heightened AR takes care of maybe 99% of situations. That remaining 1% is covered by squadmate powers.

User Info: DarkThespian

6 years ago#8
Infiltrator will have an easier time landing sniper shots, but the soldier will deal a lot more damage via heightened adrenaline rush.
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User Info: K_I_R_E_E_K

6 years ago#9
Play with both, trow a coin to decide wich class will go 1st.
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