Umm...about Gabby... *Spoilers!*

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User Info: coopshooter

7 years ago#1
So, I beat the game the first time and half my crew died. I found it it was cause I cleaned up the side missions before going through the relay...

So, I reloaded. The save file I have I decided not to go through the relay right away (Like, when you have to make the choice "Stay or go"), but didn't do any missions. I saved right after the choice.

The first time I went through, my Secretary died. The second time I went through, I saved HER, but Gabby died instead! I don't want Kenneth to be by himself down there in the engine room, sooo....

My question is: Is Gabby SUPPOSED to die? Did she die for ANYONE else? cause I'd like to save my entire crew for the next game.

User Info: Coldagg3r

7 years ago#2
Recruit Legion, do his loyalty mission, then immediately afterwards head through the relay. Do not do anything else. Get every sidequest and loyalty mission you can done before you go the dead reaper thingy.

User Info: Kashi_Wagi

7 years ago#3
You can do two missions before any of your crew gets liquefied. Say that they've got your people and that you're leaving immediately... and then leave to do it immediately. Any missions you could have up to that point could be done afterward.
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User Info: DVeagle74

7 years ago#4
That wasn't Gabby, that was Lilith. She was one of the Horizon colonists that you can never save. If you saved Kelly then you saved everyone.
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User Info: Roninzeta

7 years ago#5
0 missions or assignments = entire crew saved
1 to 3 missions or assignments = half the crew saved, Kelly dies
more than 3 missions or assignments = everyone but the doctor dies

User Info: jackgunney

7 years ago#6

From: coopshooter | #001
I don't want Kenneth to be by himself down there in the engine room, sooo....

Tali's down there with him
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User Info: Centurion95

7 years ago#7

Wait, if you do one mission half the crew dies? Does that include the Legion loyalty mission?

User Info: master_gamr1231

7 years ago#8
No, one mission AFTER the crew gets taken. After getting the IFF, the crew isn't immediately taken. You can do two missions right after getting the IFF. Then, when you go for your third mission following the IFF, the crew will get taken and the third mission will be canceled. Then you have to choose to go through the relay right away or not.

User Info: coopshooter

7 years ago#9
You know, Come to think of it, I don't think I actually went down stairs to see if Gabby was there.... I think I was still too traumatized... Douche moment, folks... Sorry.
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