Heavy Charge or Area Charge?

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User Info: Radiant_Sol12

6 years ago#1
I have 4 points ready for my Charge ability, but I don't know which is better, heavy or area. halp?
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User Info: WingBowlMVP

6 years ago#2
Area affects can benefit you more because you still do a good amount of damage with area.

User Info: extremegunner

6 years ago#3
Always go for Heavy, unless you're playing on a lower difficulty.
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User Info: Iokua

6 years ago#4
You should never, EVER be charging into an enemy who is close enough to other enemies for Area Charge to be useful. That's suicidal.
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User Info: XgArrancar

6 years ago#5
I'll assume you're playing on the harder difficulties. It should be heavy charge, no contest. Heavy charge fully and completely recharges your shields, slows down time to line up a in your face zoomed in headshot that if doesn't kill outright puts them at death's door for you to make to final push with a melee. So less time focused on your target and more on his buddies and getting to cover before your shields get knocked down. Area charge is 75% shield recharge but the AOF radius isn't as large as you might think, also shorter slowdown.

Besides, you want to charge the loner who's in a good position, not the the close group, one of them is way more likely to bring you to the reloading screen, can you guess which?
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User Info: JaktensTid

6 years ago#6
Why would you want area charge? You should be charging at single enemies that are away from the group and gives you a chance to take cover... if you charge into a group of enemies than you're going to be dead... unless you happen to be playing on the noob difficulties..
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User Info: Seulgaist

6 years ago#7
Heavy Charge also gives you those couple seconds of slow motion that can help you strategically move around/fire/find cover.

User Info: njorls

6 years ago#8
Never took area charge, heavy is mandatory for hardcore/insanity.
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