Who was the Observer? (spoilers)

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User Info: Mlags15

7 years ago#1
Who is the Observer? I said it was the Krogan, but apparently I was wrong. Anyone know?

User Info: Failbaddon

7 years ago#2
Liara's assistant. Because the clues point to the Observer as a female, while all the 6 targets were male.

User Info: Mlags15

7 years ago#3
Bump for info.

User Info: LakersRock

7 years ago#4
*Spoiler just in case* Pick the option where it says something like, "None of the suspects match", like Failbaddon said, all the suspects are male and the Observer is female.

User Info: dexter1984

7 years ago#5
Hack all the 5 terminals and choose the "All the clues doesn't add up" option.

User Info: Mlags15

7 years ago#6
where is the fifth terminal? I found the one at the bottom of the stairs, the two on the left side, the one near the big screen...

User Info: barcodes

7 years ago#7
at the bar
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User Info: Teh_Btrflyz

7 years ago#8
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: BloodShadowX

7 years ago#9
i can't find the second point anywhere
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User Info: ToFuMaster

7 years ago#10
Theres one outside of liara's office leading to the trade area. Theres 2 connected to market stands. 1 is the large screen in the market towards the east side. and the last one is in the bar
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  3. Who was the Observer? (spoilers)

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